Hi people

Welcome to my blog. Used to be only for my students but now it’s more open. If you want to say hi back to me here’s the place to do it 🙂

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  1. Thanks, Wee Leong. I do my best. I confess there are times I feel discouraged when there are difficult students to deal with but I try not to let it affect all the rest. I read this somewhere: kids need your love most when they least deserve it. This is something I have taken as a personal motto.

    Here is what you can do to make sure that my teaching bears fruit for you: Pay attention in class, respond as much as possible, stay on task, ask when you don’t understand, get help when you need it, take control of your learning and get your assignments in on time.

    Meanwhile, thanks so much for your encouraging comment. Sorry I turned this reply into a lecture! Do also feel free to let me know if ever you don’t agree with something I say or do. But politely!

  2. Finally! made it here…
    Woots~!! Superb blog…
    Keep the posts coming. Jia You!! 😛

    I will b Back..

  3. I so want to say hi to you: HI!; And to tell you how much I love your blog. Have enjoyed it so much. =)

    Btw, glad that you like my name!

  4. I really do! It reminds me of this character in a book I read when I was little girl- her name was Pippi Longstocking, and she was fiesty and independent, just like you. So glad to see you made it here!

  5. hello madam shoba…

    first of all, i would like to comment on ur blog…
    its fantastically super..
    i have seen many people’s blog but they have never include anything abt the kinds of people they see and include some things abt others..i am glad to see many of ur student’s work which actually show their creativity. today is my first lesson with u and i learnt a lot in just one day..but precisely i know tts not enough..just in case u might be wondering who am i…once again i would like to introduce myself..
    i am visha from 3N1..The indian gal who was sitting at e last row with a malay gal..the first time i saw u, i really loved e way u treated students.i often see u in e canteen with some students and i know bits and pieces here and there…u were very friendly towards all ur students…wen i greated u for e very first time, u smiled and greated me well…without knowing who am i actually, u were very friendly towards me…after tt, i heard from madam silvi who is my tamil teacher tt u learned classical dance …i was very happy to hear tt as we share e same interest.. one of e best assembly programme for this year which i wen through was e classical dance which u choreographed and was danced by some chinese girls…was very proud tt even e non indians respect our culture and had e interest to learn..finally i would like to comment on ur teaching today..it was excellent..especially,u gave us e first 5 min and let us ask u any questions we want to ask abt urself which so far as i know, i have never seen any teachers doing this before..i liked e way u answered all our questions..especially to e mischevious ones in ma class…rock on madam shoba!!!! hope to see u soon..loVe u and may god bless u..

  6. Visha- I am so glad you wrote this comment. Many people think that teachers don’t need encouragement, but this is not true. As much as teachers should encourage their students, students have great power to encourage their teachers as well. Thank you. This comment meant a lot to me.

  7. having chanced upon this blog, i started wondering about the importance of english. i seemed to have forgotten all about this inconspicuous subject while mugging for my other not-so-brilliant ones.

    yet, all through sec 3, its prescence has always been made known by the tiny nudges in the ribs as i looked at my report cards. i merely brushed it off, thinking that a B3 was good enough. now, i know that a B3 is not good enough, because it is the only subject stopping me from getting my desired L1R5; more importantly, an entry into my dream JC.

    when i got back my report book early this month, it was like a splash of cold water on my face. A splash that woke me up from my idealistic world.

    while i know that results are not everything, i also know that my 4 A1s without english is of no use. there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people out there who have 4 A1s. What those hundreds of people and i have in common is this: a failure in the one subject that matters most- English.

    to all sec 3 students who read mrs v’s blog:

    START NOW before it’s too late. It is no point regretting when all the mugging in the world is of no use.

    START NOW, before you look back and say, “damn, i could have done so much better…”.

    START NOW, before you think back and say, “if only i had tried harder…”

  8. This is quite an epiphany! The fact that you chose to share this reflection with your juniors says a lot about your desire to make a difference- that’s a powerful plus point that is going to get you far in life. For every A1 that a potential employer looks at there will be a whole list of other, more important qualities that s/he seeks among the candidates applying for the job. Ultimately, what you make of the choices life gives you, and how you present yourself as the result of all these choices is what matters the most.

    Yes, the A1s help. And yes, to a certain extent we can control the grades we get. But maybe that’s as far as it goes. Effort plays a huge part- there’s no denying that, but there are so many other factors involved.

    There were two occasions in my life when I felt I did not get the grade I deserved. Both served as turning points in my life- causing me to make decisions that I would not have made had I achieved the desired grade. One year later, it still hurt- I’m not going to lie to you. Two years later, I was still talking about it to the peope around me, to help rationalize how badly I felt about it.

    But it is now 16 years after the event. I like the way my life has turned out, and I like whom I’ve become. Maybe there are better experiences waiting for you in a JC other than your dream JC- experiences that will strengthen and nurture you in ways you never thought possible.

    Having said that, your advice to your juniors is very appropriate- more so because of the sincerity with which it is put across. I hope they take it to heart, and I will be sure to bring it to their attention. When it comes to learning a language, effort should take the form of looking for opportunities to use the language meaningfully. This does not only refer to the production end. Even when we read or listen, we are using language. Just as you have so astutely pointed out, this is an ongoing process that needs to start early for it to be of any use to you.

    Your comment is not the result of nosiness. It is the sign of a person who thinks of those around her. That, my dear, is what the world needs now. I wish you all the best in your O levels. You just might surprise yourself with a fifth A1.

  9. thanks mrs v for the quote! caleb and my class loves it!! yeah! haha!
    thanks for the lollipop! i like the watermelon flavour which you gave me(:

  10. Hi Huiqi! I’m glad you liked the lollipop- especially the watermelon flavour. I noticed that the boys all wanted the cola ones. The quote is really special, isn’t it? I think that if you keep coming back to it every now and then you will discover a fresh new way of applying it to your life each time you read it. I’m so glad you stopped by here. Visit often ok?

  11. Hello,everyone,its me Zhang Yang and im here to say hi to everyone and of course not missing you out mrs v =D yeah, and where was i ? Oh yes, as i was saying,i came here to say hi to all of you. You know something, holiday can be really interesting,as well as a boredom sometimes as well. i really hope school will reopen lets say,in one more day,so that i can continue to hear the laughter everywhere i go and experience the ambience of school . HOHOHOOHOHO…. hahahhaha…..but i think i am enjoying myself very much though…Eh??Got a question here though. Your Blog cant seem to paste a picture when writing…sad but nevermind its ALRIGHT.take care everyone.your health.

  12. Hi Mrs V and everyone out here. Good job with your English lessons
    Mrs V, very enjoyable. =) Have a wonderful holiday Mrs V and all the students out there. ^^

  13. Hi Mrs V,

    I am a student from the NIE and was wondering if it is of any possibility for you to get back to me via email with regard to one of the essay questions featured in your website?

    Thanks! (=

  14. hi mrs v,
    im jonathan ‘ng’ in this year’s 3e4.
    just happen to stop by and have a good look, this blog’s cool!!
    i will remember the things u teached in class and i hope i will not get a C5 or C6 for english, while it happened to me in the last 2 years
    i will always do my best so help me with whatever im weak at.
    your teaching in class is so much better than my other teachers because i look forward to english lessons nowadays than my previous to years.
    the quoted surname is just to let you differentiate the 2 jonathans in the class.
    hope you have a smooth teaching year!

    1. Jonathan, thanks for writing in. I am enjoying your class a lot, and I hope I can live up to your expectations. We will work together to make sure that your grade goes up and that you continue to enjoy English your whole life!

  15. Hi mrs v,

    Just wanted to comment that your lessons are really interesting! I look forward to english lessons now, and i especially like the teaching material that you use, such as ”The Lorax ” that you handed out to us today. Its really refreshing as its a whole new topic and theme to read and also write on for the essay 🙂

    1. I am so glad you liked the story. The response in your class blew me away today- such refreshing ideas, and so confidently put forward. All the best with the essay. I am looking forward to reading it!

  16. Hi mrs V.
    U are the BEST teacher i have ever had in my life from primary one till now.
    you are interesting and so fun to listen to.
    Ur lessons make it very hard to sleep in class.
    Teaching english in a fun way is what every teacher should do.
    making the lessons interesting.
    MRS V U ROCK!!!!!!!

    Thomas 3e2’09

  17. hi mrs v.

    i was wondering if the upper sec intra school debates are still going on?
    if it is still going on, i was wondering if the sajc debating team could go down to swiss to give a few introductory lessons to the participants as a form of cip?


  18. hey Mrs V, its Beverly from 3E1. just to drop by and tell you that your lessons are interesting and i think the way you speak is really cute! hehe neway, i need help in my expository writing cos i have never passed a paper for it 😦 im looking forward to writing narrative next semester tho!

    cya x

    1. Hi Beverly- thanks for stopping by! I am so glad you find the lessons interesting, but I think you might have some of your classmates to thank for that (I’m sure you know who I’m talking about). I will be very glad to help you with expository writing- that is why we are doing a lot of it in class this week. Do make sure you get all the reading done. It will really help to make Thursday’s writing session much more meaningful and relevant for you.

  19. Mrs V. I love your lesson so much . You find means and ways to help make the lesson so interesting and funny !!! haha … 🙂

  20. Hi, I was doing a litte research on situational writing when I chanced upon your blog. As a fellow educator, I must say you are doing a great job! I just want to say thank you for your generosity in sharing.

  21. WAAAH! I miss you all SO much!!!! Hope you are doing fine and that you continue to love learning as much as I loved teaching you.

  22. Hi Shobha!

    You might not remember me, but i stumbled upon your blog purely by chance (I was looking for things to buy/see in India) and I saw your photo and realised that I was in the same Mrs Bhaskar’s dance class as you! Don’t know if you remember me – I, you and Radha played the 3 wives in Ramayana, many moons ago. I was one of the younger ones, and the smaller sized ones, and the quieter ones in dance class.

    So, just thought i’ll post this shout-out to you! How is Radha by the way? I remember you also had 2 older sisters (sorry can’t remember their names) – how are they? Hope your parents are doing well too! I see that you’re married, with two sons – good on ya! Do you still dance?


  23. Hi Shoba,
    Have been reading some of your blog posts tdy. Very interesting indeed.comments left by your students are mind blowing . You are indeed an inspirational Tchr who takes her job out of the class room. Reading all the comments, reminded me of my own English Tchr , sister Dennis( I studied in a catholic school, hence most of my tchrs were Anglo-Indian nuns). She made me fall in love with shakespere. God bless her. I used to send christmas cards to her for many Yeats and then lost touch. But am sure she is still spreading the love for the language somewhere in India.
    Go back to teaching, our young need wonderful, dedicated teachers like you.

  24. Hihi Mrs V! Hope you’re doing well in NUS haha 🙂 I’m sooo glad I straightened out my language in secondary school, and the hard work has finally paid off in JC for GP lol. Results should be released in end Feb/early March.. I hope my GP is ok xD

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