My new toy

I have just bought an iPhone, and right at the outset am going to admit that it is terribly addictive. I have been going nuts adding applications, fiddling with settings and asking people’s advice about how to get the most out of my new toy. Languishing on my nightstand are my plain old fashioned cell phone (or POFCP for short) and my BlackBerry (henceforth to be referred to as bb- hey typing on the iphone takes some getting used to ok?).

To be honest I am getting a little overwhelmed. Unlike the trusty bb, on the iphone all the apps interact like crazy with no prompting from me. I have no idea which bits of data are being shared by which app when. I am not an introvert, but privacy is important to me. I crave the minute control that the bb allows with its detailed permissions.

There is also the privacy of bb messenger and PIN messages that you only get on the bb. Now I am not carrying state secrets or anything, but I think that this can be quite an asset. Also, there is an exclusiveness to the bb-to-bb communication that you just don’t get with Internet based platforms.

But there is no doubt that a whole new world has been opened up for me. If I can just get used to touch screen typing I should be on my way!

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