In between the serious reading, a little bit of junk

Maybe ‘junk’ is too strong a word. And unfair to the author whose books I am devouring again for perhaps the tenth time. This is what I do. I read lots of books, and lately I have discovered a love for non-fiction. I just get tired trying to take in new storylines for some reason. Also there are the books I read for my research. But in between I feel a craving for something lighter- exciting, yet familiar. And that is where Jilly Cooper swoops in and saves the day. Her books are fast-paced and raunchy, with deliciously tantalizing plot lines and engaging characters. The vivid way in which she fleshes out her characters makes me feel like I am watching a movie. I know the stories inside out, and yet still enjoy going through the experience again. It’s like meeting up with an old friend- you know each other’s life stories, and yet you enjoy the process of going over them again. My family heaves a collective sigh when the Jilly Cooper comes out, because they know that they will not have my undivided attention till I am done with all of them. I started this time around with The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous, went on to Rivals, and am now on Appasionata. Next I will read Score, followed by Polo and Riders. The orgy will finally end with Wicked. The one book of hers I don’t have (apart from the ones that carry women’s names- I have never tried those) is Pandora, which the library in West Mall has, so I borrow that every once in a while. Jilly Cooper is my saviour- gives me a gentle refresher course every so often on how not to take life too seriously.

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