Digging for the present, finding the past

You know how it is. You rummage desperately among your things, searching for that one item you need NOW. But you don’t find it. Instead, you find loads of other things that you thought you had lost forever (when you thought about them at all). That’s what happened today. There I was, trying to find a passport photo of myself so that I could send in a membership application to the NIE library. As you might already have guessed, I didn’t find it. What I DID find, however, brought a smile to my face. Two photographs- one of me in kindergarten (yes, they did have cameras way back then, thank you very much) and the other much later of my two sons and me in the airport, when we were going on a rare holiday. Here are the photos. I hope you like them!

in the airport 3kindergarten 2

2 thoughts on “Digging for the present, finding the past

  1. Hi Mrsv, this was a very nice find indeed. Look at that cute serious girl who has grown up into a refined kind hearted but still serious women! I bet our kids these days would rather do what you are doing on a computer! Things have changed so much.

    I just love your blog

    Hilsen fra

    1. They really have, haven’t they? I remember being so fascinated by those lfelt etters that stuck magically on the board without any glue! I am so glad you like the blog. I will try to keep it fresh with new posts.

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