Till we meet again

To my dear students

I am so proud of you for the effort that you put in for the exams. I know many of you studied very hard and tried your best. I hope you are satisfied with your results. For those of you who are not, do try to find out where you have gone wrong so that you learn something from the experience. Getting your papers back can be even more harrowing an experience than writing them, I know. Take heart, and be resilient. There is more to life than exams.

I write this post with mixed feelings, because there is something I need to share with you. Friday is my last day at school, because my contract is coming to an end. There was an option to renew it, but I chose not to take it up. Let me explain why:

I love to teach, and I think Swiss Cottage is a simply wonderful place to work. I have made no secret of my admiration for my colleagues or my affection for my students. Here’s the thing. I am doing a masters course now that I have been trying to handle along with my teaching and marking. It is not an impossible task, and many people do manage to do it. But I find that I enjoy neither when I have to do both, and doing a less than perfect job in either sphere is unacceptable for me.

Rest assured you will get a very good teacher to replace me. Also, most of you are in contact with me online, either through e-mail, msn or facebook. Please maintain that contact, and pop up on my computer screen to say hi every so often. If you need my help with anything you have only to ask.

Remember: Mrs V is just a mouse click away.

“May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.”

(Irish blessing)

16 thoughts on “Till we meet again

  1. hey mrs v!

    all the best for your exams! πŸ™‚
    sad to noe that you are leaving the school…
    but i wish you all the best for your studies! πŸ˜€

    edwin lim (4e3’09)

  2. Awww…i will miss you!Anyway,good luck for the master’s degree course you have taken up.May the force be with you:)
    Do remember me…(i know you will)

  3. Sad to hear that you’re leaving Mrs V, thk you for teaching us last year and I wish you all the best for your Masters’.

    Kelvin Yeo, 4E6 ’09

  4. Mrs V,

    You have been the most popular and lovable english teacher in our school and we will miss you a lot.
    However, we also wish you the best in your future studies.
    It is mixed feelings here also but im sure nothing will be lost as we can still keep in touch.
    I hope you don’t leave with a heavy heart but leave with anticipation for the adventures that lie ahead


  5. Hi Mrs V! All the best for your masters course!
    We will miss you greatly and thanks for your guidance in Sec 3! =]
    It’s sad that we won’t be seeing a cheerful teacher around the school anymore but still, best wishes from me for everything you do! πŸ˜€

  6. Hi, I was a swiss cottage student, graduated in 2007.

    Its sad to know that you’re leaving swiss! You come into my class once to relieve Mrs Constance Wong in 2007 and I enjoyed your class thoroughly!

    It’ll be Swiss Cottage’s loss when you leave!

    Do come back once you’ve finished your masters. I’m sure you’ll be welcomed back.

  7. Thank you all for such lovely comments. You know, I think teaching is the one job where you get this much appreciation. To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger: I’ll be back!

  8. Hey Mrs V, thankyou for being such a great teacher all this while! I’m sure a lot of us will miss you. Yeah i hope we’ll keep in touch in msn/facebook but don’t forget to eat and rest well. haha

    All the best for your masters, and don’t forget we Swiss students will always be there for you!


  9. MRSV

    M- Missing you already
    R – Revisiting the memories
    S – Savouring each moment
    V – Vivid and sweet.

    Thank you, Mrs V, for being our inspiration and role-model. You have made English come alive with your enthusiasm and vibrancy. It has been a joy being one of your students. Here’s wishing you every success in your future endeavour.

  10. hey all the best Mrs. V! you probably still remember me? yeah, 3e1’07!
    haha, happy studying! wish you good luck! =]

  11. Hi Mrs V,

    I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your Master’s!
    I was quite sad to hear that you were leaving Swiss.
    But after reading your post, i realised that it wasn’t a really bad thing either!
    So now you can concentrate on your further studies. πŸ˜€
    As a repeat student this year, i must say that i’ve learnt alot of lessons this year!
    Teachers looked down on me at first, but you were different.
    You smiled at me and asked me how’s my progress in school.
    I know that this might seem like a small deed, but to me, it means alot as it shows the care you have for me, despite all the troubles i gave you in Sec3.
    I deeply appreciate all the efforts you gave to teaching 3E4 ’07
    I didn’t manage to bid a proper goodbye to you that time.
    So, im here to wish u good luck and goodbye!
    I really hope to see you again when i come back to school next year’s teachers day! πŸ˜€
    take care of yourself! πŸ˜€
    God bless you!
    (Pardon me for the poor usage of english)

    1. Jone Lum- pardon ME for this late reply. I have not come to my blog for a long time because I have been busy with other things. I am so grateful for all the sentiments expressed here by so many students whom I miss more than I can say. But your comment has brought me pretty close to tears. I always told you you were special. You are strong and confident, and that makes a world of difference between someone who faces up to challenges, and someone who backs down and cowers in the face of adversity. Your courage is going to serve you well, and I am so proud that I got a chance to teach you.

  12. To all my precious students: thanks for your kind and generous comments. I miss you more than you will ever know, and I hope that you will keep in touch in whatever way you can.

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