Exam Marking Saga I

grading-papers-6Well the scripts are in, and the first thing I did was sort them according to question number. Remember my asking you to write the question number in the margin? Well, there are at least 3 people who didn’t. Man! The good news is that there were 200 who did, so that’s what I would call progress. Here is the breakdown, in case you want to know: 46 students did question 1, 49 did question 2, another 49 did question 3, 8 did question 4 and 51 did question 5. Interesting that so few people chose the descriptive question, but not exactly surprising, I guess. I’m going to tell you right now: if you score 23 marks and above for the free writing section, I am going to ask you to clear up whatever little errors there may be, type your essay out and e-mail it to me so that I can upload it here. Anyway, that time is still far away. I have yet to mark the scripts! If you see me looking all grouchy in school, give me an encouraging smile. I can’t give you more marks because of it, but it will make me feel appreciated! Meanwhile, all the best with the rest of your papers.

One thought on “Exam Marking Saga I

  1. I didn’t sit for this D8
    I heard Q5 was Race^^
    Good luck with marking~ It sounds exhausting
    Meanwhile I’m so free that I’m going around after blogging too much, all the while coughing like a maniac.

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