Hurry hurry everything’s due!

Oh my goodness! Do you ever feel like you are never going to be able to catch your breath? SO many deadlines, all converging on this one moment in time. There are only 24 hours in a day, and if you leave out the times when I just don’t feel like doing any work, there is really very little left! Here are the things Mrs V has to do over the weekend:

  1. Finish marking common test free writing section (55 scripts more- excruciating!)
  2. Make list of people who need some extra TLC from Mrs V (remedial lessons)
  3. Finish week 4 activities for Quantitative Data Analysis module- Confidence Intervals (ugh!)
  4. Work on refining research proposal for masters dissertation
  5. Drive kids around to classes
  6. Read and edit academic papers
  7. Find time to get hair dyed (it’s all going white- gee I wonder why)

So when you feel like whining about your homework and filing and all the other things you have on, spare a thought for your teacher, who is pretty much in the same boat. Except that I also have the extra obligation of keeping my family happy, which- let’s face it- is not something most of you have to do!

Have a GREAT weekend!


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