Answers for worksheet on adverbs

naughty-schoolboy1Here are the answers I promised you.

1) Adverbs of time
– the first morning
– at lunch
– today
– the third day
– a Wednesday of the first week
– all during recess
– during storytime
– Friday
– on Saturday
– now
– later
– Monday night
– with the third week of kindergarten
– all afternoon
– after the first minutes
– during the third and fourth weeks
– at lunch on Thursday of the third week
– afterward
– that night
– for over a week
– each day
– after school
– next week
– there
– on Friday of that week
– today
– at the meeting
– after the meeting
– the first week or so

The adverbs of time should certainly have helped you to determine the order of the paragraphs.

Learning point: Adverbs of time help to structure the text. As a reader, you use them to follow the sequence of events. As a writer, you should use them to help the reader to understand your sequence of events.

2) Adverbs ending with ‘ly’

I) ‘spoke insolently’

a) adverb: insolently
b) The adverb comes after the verb
c) The adverb describes the way the manner in which Laurie spoke to his father.
d) seeing clearly, regarded coldly, said reassuringly, wanted passionately, reported grimly, added warily, asked incredulously, said cynically, asked unwisely, whispered joyfully, asked respectfully, sat restlessly, maneuvered cautiously, said primly, adjusts quickly

II) ‘elaborately casual’

a) adverb: elaborately
b) The adverb (elaborately) is before the adjective (casual)
c) The adverb changes the meaning of the word causal slightly- instead of really being casual, the mother was actually very concerned, but trying hard not to let her son know that.
d) slightly awed, awfully fresh (but note that this is informal)

III) The word is ‘matronly’ (in paragraph 10)

If you have any questions or comments about alternate answers or adverbs and adjectives in general, post them below.

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