2nd Writing Assignment for Sec 3

Here is a copy of the assignment. I will be printing it out for you, but I know there are some of you who just can’t seem to keep track of all the paper flying your way. Do remember to make good use of the time you have been given. I would like you to pay careful attention to grammar, sentence construction and expository structure. In addition, please do make sure that your writing is both informative and interesting. You do not have to go beyond the word limit to write an outstanding piece. Just follow the instructions, and you’ll be fine.


In this essay, you will get a chance to show us how you handle expository writing within a given situation. I believe that splitting writing into free and situational is an artificial division. ALL writing is situational- no language occurs independently of context. That said, the difference between ‘free’ writing and ‘situational’ writing lies in how much liberty you have to construct the situation for yourself.


You are a member of the editorial board of your school newspaper, and have been tasked with writing an article entitled “The Effects of Global Warming”. You have done some research and come up with the following points about the issue:an-inconvenient-truth2

You also know that you can look up the following link for more information: https://mrsv.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/inconvenient_truth_transcript.doc


The chief editor has requested that you follow the steps below to produce a piece for the newspaper that is both interesting and informative:


  1. Choose 3 main points from the above notes that you can support with adequate details and examples.
  2. Start with an introduction that grabs your readers’ attention (refer to chapter 3 of Just Write for important information about writing introductions).
  3. Continue with 3 paragraphs- each covering one main point, backed up with supporting details (refer to chapter 4 of Just Write).
  4. End with a conclusion that leaves your readers feeling satisfied (refer to chapter 5 of Just Write).


Write your piece in precise English, and don’t forget to include the title. Your piece should be about 250-350 words in length. Please do your best to stay within the word limit. Your work must be submitted ON TIME to avoid a penalty.

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