First day back at school


For some reason I kept thinking it was Monday- and ended up in 3E1 by mistake when they were supposed to be having their Mother Tongue lesson. I missed a session with my Sec 1 English class in the hall. Oh well. It is a bit weird to start on a Friday, but it has its good points as well. One day back at school and it’s the weekend again. Sort of like jumping off a building and landing on the very next floor. I did manage to have a lesson with 3E5 (very hot classroom- maybe we should move to the air-conditioned comfort of the library for all our lessons!) and I have to say that it’s an interesting class. Let’s see how it goes… 🙂

Reminder: please prepare a purple ring file for English with dividers for 3 sections (composition, comprehension and oral modules)


2 thoughts on “First day back at school

  1. I feel sorry for me too! But at least I only have to be there an hour and a half every week. The poor kids are there at least 5 hours a day! Maybe you get accustomed to it, though… 🙂

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