The most expensive trips

Why do people send those they love on guilt trips? What is the point in making someone feel so bad about himself? In a way this links to my previous post on passive aggression. Perhaps it is easier in the short run to make snide comments that seem completely random rather than just take the responsibility of conveying your true emotions and opinions. That way if the recipient of your coup de grace recognises it for the attack that it is and tries to address it, you can claim that you were joking, or that you just made a random comment. The worst part of this sort of malice is that you give the addressee no chance to explain his point of view. If he tries to do so regardless of your “it was just a joke” disclaimer, he ends up looking churlish. You, on the other hand, sit pretty on your conversational throne, relishing the glory of your moment.

With the added cost of emotional blackmail, guit trips are the most expensive of all. For the addressee in the short run. But for everyone involved in the long run. A trip to Paris would be much more satisfying and enriching. And well worth the money.

I am returning from a guilt trip today. Anyone want to meet me at the airport?


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