The Heart of Things

ac-graylings-the-heart-of-thingsThis is the title of the book that I am currently reading. AC Grayling ties philosophical concepts with modern problems in this gem of a book that gives an articulate voice to the thoughts that usually float around randomly in my head. Covering topics such as War, Poverty and even Indulgence, Grayling introduces us to classical philosophers as well as modern history, and shows us the connection between them so clearly that what seemed like two disparate entities before now looks more like (what should have been) a blinding flash of the obvious. I love this book. And if I have the energy I will post some excerpts from it over the next few weeks. I might even be using some of the chapters in class. This is why I find it so hard to plan out all my lessons for the year at one go. I see something brilliant like this and I just have to share it with my students (all of whom I am missing very much, by the way!).

elephant-readingWhat are you guys reading these holidays?

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