Draft proposal

This is a draft that contains information about the study exploring the potential for using Facebook in language teaching. My thanks to the students who volunteered for the study. Please read this and show it to your parents before I pass you the letter of consent. It goes without saying that I will be happy to answer any questions that they- or you- may have about any aspect of the study.


4 thoughts on “Draft proposal

  1. It looks really interesting! My parents are fine with it, so there’s no problem with consent, but I got a bit worried here:

    “Given that the major part of the study is taking place during the holidays, it would be convenient to conduct the interviews and observations in either the researcher’s home or the students’ homes. However this is open to change based on the comfort level of the school as well as the parents of the students.”

    I’m going overseas from tomorrow. Nov 21 – 24 I’ll be in Bintan, Indonesia, and Nov 26 – Dec 17 I’ll be in India. So I won’t be at home for the next four weeks(although I think I’ll be logging on to the Internet at least once a week.) Is it possible to work around that? Maybe do my interview/real-time guided profile tour thing after I come back?

    Thanks Mrs V :):):) I really hope I can take part, being a guinea pig is such fun.

  2. Hi Akanksha- I am in India till the 17th as well, so the study is going to have to wait till then. It’s good to know that your parents are ok with this. I need to check with the others as well. The reason I was in a hurry was because I thought I would be able to submit an abstract for a paper that was due on the 28th of November. I missed that deadline, so we have a little more time now.

  3. Hey Mrs V, sorry I took so long to reply. I was on holiday in Vietnam when you sent the message, then when i got back my computer crashed. Unfortunately, my mum won’t let me take part in this study. Apologies.

    1. No problem, Melissa. This is why I asked for permission in the first place, and I appreciate you taking the trouble to reply.

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