Best essays of 2008 SA2

Here are the essays I have received so far. I have not edited them in any way. Read, enjoy, feel free to comment! I am very grateful to these writers for agreeing to share their work and for sending it so promptly to me. Well done, guys!










There are more essays to come, but as we move further into the future I fear my chances of receiving them grow slimmer! In this respect I must say that last year’s Sec 3s were much faster with their responses. You will notice that for the question on the family gathering and the one on travellers’ problems, there are no contributions. The reason is that there were very few people who attempted these questions, and while I appreciate the valiant attempts the intrepid few made to answer them, I think they will be the first to agree with me when I say that no one quite managed to hit the target with these two questions. Do refer to my marker’s report for some reasons why.

Stiil, let us not give up hope. I have faith that all of you will be able to move on to become even better writers next year. Keep reading widely and writing frequently, my sweeties. The best is yet to be.


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