Month: October 2008

Public Speaking Course

Hi people. I’d like very much to find out your feedback about the public speaking course that we are running for you now. Please do tell me what you think. Post your honest comments below. I would really appreciate it!

Meanwhile- here’s a cartoon just for fun. (Source: Toastmasters website)

If you don’t feel like leaving an extended comment (but I REALLY hope you do), then just take this quick poll:


2008 SA2 Marker’s Report for Paper 1

Finally I have finished it. Here it is in all its verbose glory. You may not feel like looking at it now (I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t), but at some point in the next few weeks, do come back to it. It contains some useful comments and helpful hints for future writing assignments, and I think it is worth taking a step back and thinking about how you could have written a better essay before you move on to the next year. I will upload the good essays as they get sent to me. Look out for them.