Revision Slides

Here is the presentation I went through with you this week. I have had to remove the sound clips because the file is just too large. My thanks to Anita for reminding me about this.


7 thoughts on “Revision Slides

  1. Don’t even say such a thing! There is always hope. I will do my best to mark the scripts quickly and put you out of your misery as soon as I can.

  2. It’s a line from Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. Macbeth is told that his downfall will come when Birnam Wood (ie a particular woodland area) comes to Dunsinane (Macbeth’s castle- where he lives in guilt and fear after having killed many people and realizing that his sins are catching up with him). He thinks this will never happen, until he sees what he thinks are the trees and bushes move towards him. In reality, the soldiers of Macduff (Macbeth’s rival) have camouflaged themselves using the shrubbery, and are moving in to take over the castle. Find the nailbiting suspense too much to take? Read the play to find out more!

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