Contents page for semester 2

Here is the page I told you about. I will be checking your files next week. Don’t worry- the page will be printed for you. The copy here is just so that you can refer to it while you are putting your file in order.

As I explained in class, I need you to have 2 dividers in your file- one to divide semester 1 from semester 2, and the other to be placed within semester 2 to divide composition and comprehension. Each section in semester 2 will have its own contents page. Madam Choo will probably give you hers later on.

Please ensure that your corrections are done and that there are no blank worksheets. I hope to see that any notes you have been given are personalized for your learning style with important points highlighted and notes written in the margins.

If there is work I have not returned to you yet, please be patient. It takes a long time to get through 235 compositions and I am only human.

Contents page for 2008 Semester 2: contents-page_term3_2008

2 thoughts on “Contents page for semester 2

  1. Mrs V, may I ask if for those files which have been sent to the HOD for checking, are those files returned to us already? Because I haven’t received mine back…

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