Tears of victory

 Truly, the Olympics are more moving than any cinematic tragedy, more gripping than any thriller, more filled with twists and turns than any soap opera. Cielo of Brazil won the gold medal for the men’s 50 metres freestyle today, and he was in tears from the moment he realised what had happened. So overwhelmed was he that when he stood on the winners’ podium, he held the tears back with difficulty. There was something very touching about this very powerful swimmer gulping hard to keep his emotions under control. But when they palyed his country’s national anthem, I think it was just too much for him to take. His face crumpled and his hand went up to wipe his drenced cheeks. In the end, the two medallists from France standing on either side of him on the podium had to lean over to comfort him, even though they had lost the gold medal to him. I think the reason this was so touching to watch was because I have been used to seeing Michael Phelps on the winners’ podium, and while you can’t say he is unmoved by each victory, certainly he has the composure you expect of the Greatest Olympian in the world.

Well done, Cielo. I am sure your country is very proud of you.

And of course we here in Singapore are proud of our own Olympic medallists- the table tennis women’s team. I can’t say I like the sport very much, but a medal is a medal, and it’s about time we had ourselves one of those!

 As an aside- don’t you think it is sweet how Michael Phelps always walks up to his mother and tosses her his bouquet after receiving his medal?

4 thoughts on “Tears of victory

  1. I really did! In fact after the whole thing was over there was a strong sense of anticlimax for a while. I read in the papers that people in China are suffering from post-Olympic depression because they left their troubles behind for a while they focused on the games, and now that the games are over, reality has come crashing in on them, and they have found that their troubles are still there, waiting to be faced.

  2. Hi!

    I enjoyed watching the Olmpics and seeing the emotional athletes, too! The athletes who got, as some people consider, ‘over-emotional’ (which I don’t agree with) have the right to be so as they have done themselves proud, they’ve done their country proud and most importantly…they’ve done their country proud! Imagine their feelings at that point- their future is set and the rewards will be great! 🙂

    Actually, if we all aspire to be like those Olympians (regardless of whether they excel in sports or academics), the world will prosper. (Except for the fact that, sue to the large amunts of money awarded to winners, most economies will fall 😦 )

    Thank you,

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