Stand Up For Singapore

Why do they feel we need a new National Day song every year? Each year the songs get less singable. The first few were rousing, and everyone could sing along. Even people who were not able to carry a tune could take pride in their renditions of these inspiring and catchy songs. Now we have the sort that sound like English translations of Mandarin pop songs- as though the composer did a copy and paste job on his synthesizer. Here is what I think- if you can’t come up with something better than the old one, then just let it be. New is not always better.

Let’s stop coming up with wishy-washy cliched pulp. Bring back the songs that make me proud to be Singaporean:



Make sure you all wear red this Friday. I am certainly going to.

4 thoughts on “Stand Up For Singapore

  1. I agree with you 100% (even more if I could!). Frankly, the newer songs, let’s say in the past 3-5 years, do not exactly represent a sense of patriotism or even a simple feeling of appreciating the country.

    Instead of being touching and melodious, the new songs focus more on the fast and unique music that attracts the younger generation, such as pop! Those who have experienced past-year songs, such as those from quite some time ago, and got a chance to appreciate them, we really understand the importance of the partiotism in the songs.

    Other emotional songs according to me include “Home” (“This is home, truly…”) and “We are Singapore” (“There was a time…”)

    Thank you,
    (A TRUE patriotic citizen of Singapore)

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