Double the teachers, double the fun!

From next term, you will have two English teachers. I will see you 4 periods a week for composition and Madam Choo will see you 3 periods a week for comprehension. In addition, both of us will help prepare you for your oral exams. Two teachers means that you have double the input. When it comes to being ‘in charge’ of a class, I am still responsible for 3E1, 3 and 5, while Madam Choo is still responsible for 3E2, 4 and 6. The difference is that now we share the joy (and the burden!) of teaching all the classes.

4 thoughts on “Newsflash!

  1. Hmmmm, although Madam Choo is a great teacher, I’d still prefer if you taught us both comprehension and composition.

    Ahh well, since it has already been decided, I’ll have to accept it.

  2. I am pretty sure that the students of 3E2,4 and 6 feel the same way about Madam Choo- that they would rather have her teaching them both components. Once we get used to a certain pattern, we become very comfortable with it. Change is always a little scary, I think, but this is a change that will benefit you all.

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