June 2008 Holiday Homework

While you enjoy your holidays, here is some food for thought:




These are the lists that I gave your English reps- for your reference, just in case you did not get a chance to get a look at them in class. Do make sure you know which chapter you need to work on so we can jump right into the presentations when school opens again.

This is the homework handout, in case some of you did not get a copy. I am sorry I do not have a soft copy of the phrase book sample, but I’m sure you can figure it out!


9 thoughts on “June 2008 Holiday Homework

  1. Hey Mrs.v, can we use pictures and only a few words and just read with memorization while letting the class looks at pictures on the powerpoint and i do the talking can?

    Cause i wanna let the audience to get into the visual mood. Or is it all words and…you know?

    Do drop me an-e-mail. Thks πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Jane- this is a good idea, and I have no objections against it. I trust you to make sure that you are at no point reading off the slides. Kudos on taking the initiative to redefine your task! I hope you don’t mind that I am posting the reply here instead of in an e-mail, because I know many people might have seen your question, and I think it is good if they get to see the response as well.

  3. Hiie mrs v, its a liitle late but i want to wish you happy holidays~
    I want to ask if the phrase book is really in a book, because i bought i book which has alphabetical order, which will make it easier for my reference. So is it ok that i hand up the notebook?

  4. Hi Carina- sorry for the late response. Any format is ok- even a loose leaf binder. No little scraps of paper though! πŸ˜‰

  5. FrostSaber (HOW do you guys come up with these names!) could you just give me a hint as to what you are referring to? Can what come from other places, and other places such as what?

  6. Ah- ok. Well for this round I wanted you to just get the words and phrases from MF&OA, but after this you can get it from just about anywhere. Make sure you write down the source, though. And remember to put the words in context so you can see how they are used without having to go back to the source.

    Um- ign???

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