SA1 2008 Marker’s Report


Here is the report that I told all of you about- the reason I have been holding onto your scripts. It’s finally done. I am still vaccillating between printing it out for everyone and asking everyone to access it online and print out a copy for themselves. In case you are wondering about the reason for my quandry, here it is: the report is 12 pages long! In any case, I will let you know my decision.

I urge you to read the whole report- even the sections that deal with questions you did not answer. There is a lot you can learn. I also welcome your comments and questions regarding the report.



4 thoughts on “SA1 2008 Marker’s Report

  1. hi, mrs v!
    after reading the book my family and other animals, i have some thoughts to share, and i think it is more convenient if i share it on your blog. hmm…

    to speak of the truth, i probably found the book a bit dull, probably because of all the issues discussed in the book. BUT i find that this book has VERY good descriptions on animals that any writer should look up to as classic examples of good writing. hmm… i found that this book is structured very well – and categorized very appropriately into the different chapters of the book the different animals Durrell wants to describe about. hmm… a bewitching book, it is. (:
    i think though, i find this book very boring – prolly because i have no interest in botany or even nature, but i think it is a very good way to teach us… comprehension, oral skills even. and composition skills too – most suitable for descriptive writing. yup.

    that’s all i have to say for now. and i would say, that rainbows are extremely beautiful too! 😀

    -edwin lim 3e3`08

  2. Hi Edwin- I’m sorry you found the book boring. When I first read it, I skimmed over the botanical and zoological bits. I found Durrell’s descriptions of his family members simply hilarious, and I used to laugh out loud when I read about some of their antics and experiences. What do you think about those parts?

    I am going to write a post about the book so that all comments related to it can go up there. That way, everyone will know where to go when they want to comment about the book!

    Thanks for taking the initiative to write in. 🙂

  3. Hi Mrs V! (once again (:)
    can i request whether it is alright for you to put up the SA1 EL paper 2 answers on your blog for our ref.? 😀
    Thanks a lot! (:

    -edwinlim 3e3`08

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