My Family and Other Animals

So… what do you think of the book?


9 thoughts on “My Family and Other Animals

  1. MRS V!
    i think we have been scammed.
    i went to popular today only to find out that popular sells this book at $14.95! but the design of the cover is the 2nd picture in your post and not the 3rd picture.
    argh… scammed of 7dollars…

  2. Oh no! The reason we ordered the more expensive one is that Popular did not have the cheaper one at the time. I am so sorry about this!

  3. Mrs V, i like book pretty much because im an animal lover. It is very amusing how the author describeshthe places and creatures (especially love the turtles part)There sure is a whole lot of new descriptive words to learn….

  4. You are absolutely right about the descriptive words, Carina. That is one of the reasons I thought the book would be a good one to introduce to all my darlings!

  5. hehe, the book was very engaging.. when all my other books were boring i picked this up.
    ps tell ur son that brisingr is coming out its part of the inheritance cycle…

  6. Glad you liked it! But what is ‘brisingr’? And what is an inheritance cycle? I feel as if I’m being spammed, but there is just enough sense here to make me believe you are legit. Explain! I’m bursting with curiosity!

  7. book three out of four.. its been extended. release date is on 20 sept 08 but i dunno if its in us or s’pore.

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