Good Luck for the Exams!

May God bless all my little ones with the power to succeed

In this their shining hour and their time of utmost need

May knowledge, wisdom, memory combine to weave their spell

And gracious luck smile down upon the ones I love so well

Your pens will race ahead, I pray, your thoughts will all be lucid

Your answer will be perfect because, quite simply, you produce it

And when those scripts come in I know that each and every one

Will inspire me to have my say: good job, my dear, well done!

Here’s wishing ALL of you the very best for your exams. You’ve done the work. It’s time to put your best foot forward and show us what you’re made of!


7 thoughts on “Good Luck for the Exams!

  1. I just hope my pen doesn’t race ahead of my thoughts. (or..the other way round) It always has a tendency to do that, particularly under time pressure. :/

    Nevertheless, thank you 🙂

  2. im the guy in 2e5 who you mistook for signalling to someone else. the one who shakes his hand under his other hand. the guy on the right.
    hahhah. forget the “formalities”.
    what a nice poem.
    i wish i could write one like that.


  3. Yes I remember you! Okay- no formalities. I’m glad you stopped by here, and that you like the poem. You can definitely write one like this. In fact I’ll bet you can write even better ones.

    All it takes is loving the words and having fun trying them out in different positions. I find that writing poetry really tests your vocabulary, because you not only need to find words that rhyme, you also need to fit in the right number of syllables, and the stresses need to be in the right places.

    Visit often, okay? And leave loads of comments!

  4. haha…hi mrs v!
    hmm… he SURE can write poems, and he can write pretty good ones too! (he was writing one during the parent-teacher meeting, where he got too bored…)

    hope you enjoy the time marking the exam scripts!
    there may be good or bad ones… here or there.
    yup. (:
    &thanks for the blessings! 😀

    -edwin lim 3e3`08

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow! What a great poem!
    From your poem, i can feeeeel that it’s GREAT to be a teacher!
    Hmmm… I wonder if our teachers back then, ever wrote a poem like yours to encourage us…? 😉
    The future leaders of Singapore definitely need teachers like you.
    Great Job, my dear old friend, Well Done!
    (sounds familiar? heeheehee…)

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