World Food Crisis

food-crisis-and-social-unrest– The article

world-food-crisis– The powerpoint presentation

Here is the article, as well as the slides that I used for the lesson, in case you missed something. I hope that you found the activity useful. I also hope that after this activity, you will be able to approach news articles with a view to picking up not only vocabulary, but also critical thinking skills. There are many ways in which you engage with the language, in school and out of it, and I hope that as we go along, you will see more and more ways to merge the skills that you pick up from each language use context.

Talk with your friends about the burning issues. Write in a journal about your view of the world around you. I guarantee results.



One thought on “World Food Crisis

  1. Hmm… hi, mrs v!

    now that we are facing a world food crisis due to thailand’s climate affecting the production of rice, prices for rice has indeed increased at a soaring rate…
    now, my parents are constantly reminding me and my brother not to waste food too! haha.

    i really wonder… what would really happen if one day, thailand stops producing rice. what would the world become when everyone suddenly just stops on their staple diet… hmm… (:

    -edwin lim 3e3`08

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