An evening to remember

When I bought tickets for the band concert last night, I confess to having felt a sense of impending boredom. How could I have any fun watching a band play for 2 hours? I even told my kids that we could leave at half time if they weren’t enjoying themselves.

The purpose of this post is to tell you all that I was wrong. My kids and I had a MARVELLOUS time. The music was wonderful, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming, my students on stage were talented and hardworking and the ones in the audience were friendly and responsive. The NCC members did a superb job as well. I felt especially moved by the sincere smiles of the kids serving food in the hospitality room during  the intermission.

I loved every part of that magical evening. Thank you all.

2 thoughts on “An evening to remember

  1. Hiies Mrs V.. this year’s serenade is my last one.. I’m so sad that I missed the one 2 years ago.. >…< Swiss Winds rox!!~ =)

  2. Wow, Mrs V, you are making me jealous. Never had we got such good comment about our performances held more than a decade ago. Anyway, concert performances are good experiences and as a few of us old birds had agreed with you, much time shouldn’t be spent on CCAs but more on academic subjects which I truly regret not doing so when I was young. Haha, anyway, that was old time, now its time to look ahead.

    For those juniors who are passing out this year, please study well, for those in who put in a lot of efforts in your CCAs, do balance your time management in studies and these extra school activities.

    Just a kind advice from a regrettable Senior.

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