Semi-finals of inter-class debates


The posters are up in your classrooms, but just in case you haven’t had time to read them, here are the fixtures for the semi-final round next week.

Debate 1: 3E4 (P) vs 3E3 (O) on  Friday 4th April at 8:40am in the library

Debate 2: 3E5 (P) vs 3E1 (O) on Friday 4th April at 10:40 am in the library

I just want to explain the timing- for the first debate there is no problem because both classes have English at the same time. It is the second debate where we have an issue. 3E5’s Math teacher has very kindly agreed to switch lessons with me, so that she gives me her Math period on Friday in exchange for my English period on Wednesday. The downside is that both 3E1 and 3E5 end up having to skip recess. Perhaps we can solve this by starting the debate a little later, to give you time to have a quick snack. I will address this on Monday. Be sure to remind me about it as soon as I step into your classroom.

The motion is that capital punishment should be abolished in Singapore. If you search the archives for the posts in the ‘Speaker’s Corner and Debates’ category, you will see that one class has a group that has debated a similar motion. The main points can be found in that post, but I am sure you will want to find something extra- to give your team an edge over the others.

I look forward to hearing some excellent arguments, backed up substantially by relevant research and delivered confidently in flawless English! Do remember that while your objective is to win, it should not be through aggressive conduct that you beat your opponent down, but through the force of your arguments. Be assertive, by all means, but be courteous.



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