Expository writing


There are 2 objectives for this post:

  1. A summary of the lessons we have had on expository writing
  2. A place for you to post your paragraphs about the causes and effects of crime

I have made the point numerous times that the reason we are covering expository writing in so much detail is that this is a text type that you use in almost all subjects, and also the one that you will be using most often after you leave school. Think of your literature/ history/ geography/ social studies papers. Expository writing required? Definitely. Look at your textbooks- again, all written in an expository style.

The three types of exposition we have covered are compare and contrast, classification and cause and effect. These are beautifully explained in Just Write chapter 7. If you have not read the chapter yet, I urge you to do so as soon as possible. It is important for you to be able to decide which type of writing is required when you look at the essay topic. If you would like some examples, there are excellent sample essays in Just Write. You might also like to refer to the upper secondary essays in Slices of Life. I notice many of you do not even read this collection, which is a shame, because it provides examples for you of exactly the types of essays that will get you good marks. When you look at the sample essays in both books, focus on

  1. the essay questions
  2. the type of expository writing used in the answers
  3. the basis for comparison/ contrast (if it is a compare/contrast type of essay), or the basis for classification (if it a classification type of essay)
  4. the transitional words used

There is no shame in learning from those who have come before us. Why reinvent the wheel? Read what your seniors have written and then build on it.

And now for your paragraphs. I am interested to see what you are able to come up with. Just type in the comment box.  



6 thoughts on “Expository writing

  1. There are several reasons to why teenagers may be influenced to commit crime, for example, peer pressure from friends and bad company. Consequently, teenagers maybe involved in crimes such stealing or thefting. When teenagers are invovled in gang crime such as vandalism or bullying, hence they may be sent to the boys/girls home, leading to their future being destroyed by their own hands.

  2. The rise of family problems have led to children growing into juvenile delinquents. They range fom parental abuse, alchoholic or drug-taking parents. As direct role models for children, they imitate and mirror their crimminal behaviour,therefore, with the esclation of unstable families come juvenile crimminals. Social problems have also resulted in the disadvantaged of a society to act out in crime. It could be out of fustration, revenge or rebellion. For example, the poor against the rich or, in a case of strong racial struggle, perhaps the chinese against the malays. Hence, when there is an inbalance or unfairness resulting in societal problems, crime tends to follow.

  3. Although the juvenile crime in Singapore is quite low, however, with the breedng of materialistic mindsets in youths nowadays, it will bring about more theft rates as youths are being tempted to steal to satisfy their material desires. Not only that, with peer pressure happening in every aspect of youths’ lives, it will influence the way youths make decisions and crime rates will increase as a result of youths being associated in gangs. Gangs engage in crime-related activities which brings about a dim future for youths.

  4. Dean, Minli and Jessica, thank you for sharing your beautifully written paragraphs. It would be great if we could get more people to contribute but I know it takes a lot of courage and confidence to do so. I appreciate the willingness you guys have shown to step out of your comfort zone. Just these three paragraphs will go a long way towards helping some of your friends to construct better paragraphs.

  5. Teenagers commit crimes due to several reasons. Firstly, peers may influence them by spreading the wrong messages across to the teenagers’ minds. At the same time, parents do play a key part too. The character and discipline of parents decide the child’s fate. Finally, social issues are important too as teenagers may commit crimes out of frustration, anger, sadness and rebellion. Thus, teenagers commit crimes due to the influence and situation of the environment.

    i hope my post is posted.
    *crosses fingers*

  6. Due to the fact that more and more parents are busy at work and neglect their chidren, there have been many cases of juvenile crime of petty thefts. Not only that, youths nowadaysmay suffer from peer pressure from friends or family. Hence, being “forced” to commit crimes, which may scar their life.

    Finally, im able to post this…. it has been a busy week!~

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