The Sunday Night Blues


Note: This poem was written tongue in cheek. And should be read in the same vein. Life is meaningless if we can’t have some fun, and humour is a great way to deal with the stuff that comes our way. I love teaching and I enjoy the time I have with my students. They keep me young.  

It’s Sunday night

I feel the blues

Don’t want to hear

The awful news

School starts tomorrow

I want to cry:

Do you hate me?

Why, God, why?

I’m a good person

A decent one

Who deserves to have

A life of fun

Not students who

Forget to do

The work that they’re

Supposed to do

And leave their files

And books at home

Their shirts untucked

Their hair uncombed

Yes well I know

That there exist

The few who try

To make the list

But why are there

So many more

Who persistently

My pleas ignore

To pay attention

Speak up when

They’re asked a question

Then again

To simmer down

And listen out

For antidotes

To cure all doubt

Ah me I sigh

in desperation

mired in


filled with damning


Have you heard the awful news?

School starts tomorrow

Let’s sing the blues.

5 thoughts on “The Sunday Night Blues

  1. Mrs V, this is nice. You think you deserve more from us, and i think you do too. There is a hidden message to tell us to help you feel better in school, like by asking questions and stuff?

  2. Hi Carina! There are no hidden messages at all, don’t worry. I always get a little depressed on Sunday nights, especially at the end of the holidays. You should see me at the end of December!

    But you know, now that you mention it, it makes the class so much more fun if students ask questions, make comments, disagree with me. Stops me from talking so much.

    I just thought it would be fun to whine a little- because my sons were both whining so much that night.

    We inspire each other- teacher to student, and student to teacher. That’s the way it should be.

  3. Mrsv, you are not the only one who do not like Sunday nights, we do as well. Think of all the emails from customers, internal company correspondences in our computers, on tables, waiting for us to clear on ‘Big Blue’ Mondays.

    It will be good for me to go on long leave from June onwards. Will update you ya! ‘wink’

  4. Hi Veniz- yes do keep me updated. I remember when I was at home with my kids, before they started school. I had no idea what day of the week it was. It was just so irrelevant to me, because the kids had to be bathed and fed no matter what day it was!

    Paul- poetry is something that just pops into my head once in a while. If I sit down planning to write a poem, I get verbal constipation. I’m no Emily Dickinson, but I love playing with words. I’m glad you liked the poem. Mabe we should try setting it to music…

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