Audio books

Today in class I mentioned that audio books could be the answer to your problem of trying to find time to read. You can listen to them when you are exercising, lying in bed resting after finishing your homework, or travelling. This way, you can multi task, and even give your eyes a rest. At the same time, you will be picking up essential language skills.

I’d like to add here that this is not a substitute for reading, because that involves a different set of processing skills. However, when you really are strapped for time, listening to a book is better than nothing. And  the fact is that in today’s world, the auditory processing skills are vital too.

An additional benefit is that you can hear how words are pronounced, and this may help you with your oral skills as well.

Check out the websites below:

mainimage_bookstack.jpg– This is a very good site, but admittedly a little expensive. There is a wide range of prices though, and you can get recordings for as little as US$5. You will need your parent’s credit card.

learnoutloudhomepagegif.gif– You will find plenty of free recordings here. So go nuts.

kids_lollogo.jpg– This is part of the previous site, but I thought I’d make it easier for you by putting the link here. There are wonderful educational resources that you should take advantage of.

There is no way that we can cover every single thing that you need to know in class. Doing some of this on your own will give you an extra edge. Grab it. Use it.

As with all content on the internet, even that recommended by teachers, please exercise caution and discretion. I will never direct you to a site that I know to be unsafe, but only you can protect yourself completely.

2 thoughts on “Audio books

  1. Its very intersting to visit those sites. It contains a good information on audio books and audio books are one of my favorite ways to learn and explore the world through literature.

  2. Thanks for your comment. The other thing I like about the established sites is the ease with which the content can be downloaded. They make it so simple, don’t they?

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