3E5 Debate 3: The death penalty in Singapore should be abolished


Pre-debate vote: For- 4; Against- 17; Undecided- 13

Post-debate vote: For-0; Against- 18; Undecided- 17

What can we tell from the votes? That 5 people decided not to vote in the second round at all. Very unsporting of them, I must say, to mess around with our numbers like that!

Proposition: some countries don’t use the death penalty, and the death penalty is inhumane. It is not for us to decide who lives and who dies, and mistakes cannot be corrected by death.

Opposition: the death penalty in Singapore has been proven to reduce crime, and crime will always be present, so the death penalty is needed as a deterrent. Otherwise, once the criminal has finished his jail term, he can return to his life of crime.

This is a real issue in Singapore. What do you think about it?pro-death.jpg


2 thoughts on “3E5 Debate 3: The death penalty in Singapore should be abolished

  1. i agree with the proposition. Having death penalty means the crimminal is not able to turn over a new leaf. I thought thats what liife is about…having chances and making decisions..

  2. Yes, there are many people who believe that rehabilitation is the best way to deal with criminals. Executing them obviously precludes the possibility of rehabilitation!

    But what about criminals who commit heinous crimes- the kind that are so terrible that society at large feels that the victim deserves retribution?

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