3E3 Debate 4: Sharing and downloading of files should be legal


Pre-debate vote: For- 26; Against- 5; Undecided- 1

Post-debate vote: For- 11; Against- 15; Undecided- 6

A very surprising result. Who would have thought that by the end of the debate, the side that proposed making it illegal to share files would sway so many voters! This testifies to the persuasive power of the Opposition, though I must say that the Proposition put up a good fight.

Proposition: Sales increase when customers can sample music online, and quality of music produced also goes up when customers have more options and therefore become more discerning. It is human nature to share, and many artistes do in fact put their music up on Youtube, proving that they expect sales to go up as a result. Also, it is holding double standards to say that one can buy a CD and send it to a friend in the mail, whereas one cannot buy a file online and then share it with a friend via e-mail. The law is too subjective, in this case, and the entertainment industry will come to a standstill if the ability to share music is curtailed.

Opposition: Sales cannot be boosted when the whole album can be downloaded and shared. Many small stores have closed down because their sales have gone down with the proliferation of file sharing. There are other ways of promoting an album and CD stores do allow customers to sample music. Many artistes are against filesharing because they feel they are being forced to work for free, and so creativity will suffer eventually because there is no way the record industry can compete against free downloads. It is like saying that it is alright to steal.

These are all good arguments. Any comments?handcuffs.jpg


10 thoughts on “3E3 Debate 4: Sharing and downloading of files should be legal

  1. i would have to say that sharing and downloading of files from the internet should be legal. hmm. you may wonder why… but out of a class of 40 pupils, how many don’t download illegal files from the internet? consider that!
    hmm. & i am guilty of it. =X hah.

    i would agree that the law is too subjective and the copyright laws are too stringent. can’t they just let us download the music files free of charge? consider downloading those files for project purposes? hmph.

    -edwin lim (3e3’08)

  2. remember bout the teams bring up the copyright stuff? There is a recent copyleft stuff found on the web, it has a sign of copyright but the letter c in the circle is inverted.

    Copyright – symbolized “Β©” – is a legal concept, enacted by most governments, giving the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it, usually for a limited time. It initially was conceived as a way for government to restrict printing, downloading or sharing within the public.

    For copyright, it has ALMOST the same meaning as copyright. But the public can download or share the files online, provided that they acknowledge who the autor or creator is. Even though it is still binded by some of the copyright laws, at least it gives the public and creator more freedom to share the work.

    With the copyleft law being implemented, it means that sharing and downloading of files online should be legal. If not, the creation of copyleft is like useless….

  3. hmm.
    i feel that if it is legal to download stuffs from the internet,
    then it’s being unfair to the the creator of that particular thing.
    it might lose sales you know?
    so yeah,
    that’s my short comment abt this topic. πŸ™‚

  4. I seriously think that sharing and downloading of files should be legal..
    if people do not share their files via emails, msn etc.
    then would the record still sell out as well as before?
    well, if one listens to the song of a artiste and thinks that the record is worth buying, then the sales would obviously be soaring high πŸ˜€

    and secondly,
    if sharing files are illegal, then I think that the singapore police force will be too busy monitoring and capturing offenders..
    as in, millions of people share music/pictures everyday through the internet or email, so should that be consider illegal too as stated from the question?

    Moreover, I think that sharing of files can be in a form of advertising and it depends on people who see it in a negative or a positive way πŸ˜€

    Lastly, I think that sharing of files should be legalised not to being down the sales, but also to promote it in a faster, efficient way.
    This way of advertising is free too πŸ˜€

  5. hmm.
    like mrs V said.
    There is loss to small stores, but to big million making music store companies, their profits can easily compensate their losses. Wanted to mention sth like that in the debate, but oh well.
    Right now, music industries aren’t so concerned about the downloading anymore( knowing it’s impossible to prevent ), rather how they can improve the music, and fight the system.

  6. Honestly, there should not be any ban on the downloading of songs from the internet. If we think from a different perspective, people downloading a singer’s website on the net means that they like the songs of the singer and he/she should feel happy, because someone like their songs. In my opinion, being a singer isn’t about making profits from the singing of songs, but it’s about the joy of sharing voices with the oher people.

  7. I think it is fascinating that there are this many viewpoints, and I think a lot of credit should go to the groups that debated the topic, for having managed to come up with a motion that really engaged the whole class. Having said that, a debate is made more exciting when the audience are able to pick up the ball and run with it, so your contributions here are very much appreciated.

    Carina- the reason I didn’t explain the topic before taking the post-debate vote is because I did not want to influence the outcome. But I do see what you mean- it can be hard to vote when you are not really clear about all the issues.

    Perhaps one way to resolve this the next time around would be to get everyone to read up on all the topics before the debates start. That way everyone will be able to make an informed choice.

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