3E3 Debate 3: Abortion should not be legalized


Pre-debate vote: For- 8; Against- 14; Undecided- 6 (3 people abstained. Not cool, man! 😦 )

Post-debate vote: For- 4; Against- 24; Undecided- 3

The negative wording of the motion confused many in the audience, which may explain why 3 people just decided to keep mum till they had figured out, by the end of the debate, what was going on.

Proposition: comparison with the US- we think we are morally more sound than them, but actually our abortion rates are higher. Abortion being an option may promote unsafe sex, and even a foetus has a right to life. There are also medical implications for the mother, and when so many other viable alternatives exist, abortion is not necessary. Some women may even use it as an easy way out and not use other forms of protection- in fact teenagers may take sex too lightly if they know that they can have an abortion should anything go wrong.

Opposition: having the choice to abort the foetus is a human right for the woman- the unborn child is not a human being, and therefore does not have any rights. Human rights are based on the ability to make choices, and since the unborn cannot articulate any choice, it does not have  the rights. Pregnancy and childbirth can be dangerous processes for women, who should therefore be able to exercise the option of not going through with it if they feel it might endanger them. Furthermore, especially in the case of rape, no woman should have to live with a constant reminder of her trauma. Unwanted children have very sad lives- it is more cruel to give birth to them and then discard them. They will develop very low self-esteem. Parents should have children they really want and can look after. Young people and rape victims may not be able to deal with the children. Ina  way, legalizing abortion ensures the rights of the child- it has the right to be wanted and loved.

A real hot potato, this topic, and superbly argued! Now over to you…pro-choice.jpg


10 thoughts on “3E3 Debate 3: Abortion should not be legalized

  1. hmm, mrs v, hope you dont mind if i post my speech on your blog! xD
    &hope this speech make good notes for everyone else who pops by this debate motion! 😀

    Debate topic: Abortion should not be legalized.

    Speaker 1: Carina, Speaker 2: Zon, Chairperson: Rebecca, Christopher
    Speaker 1: Edwin, Speaker 2: Jessica, Timekeeper: Wen Tjun, Gabrielle

    OPP. 1:
    Okay, on to our debate. If you were to say that abortion is the deliberate ending of a pregnancy. I would want to issue the challenge to you by giving a strong definitional challenge of the debate topic, “Abortion should not be legalized”. It would be “Terminating a pregnancy should not be a human right.” My point of view of abortion would be abortion is a human right for women and not beings in the mother’s womb, and therefore, abortion should be legalized.

    As the unborn child in a women’s womb is not a human being, it makes both the mother and father of the child miserable if they do not want the child in the first place. By accidental sex, the baby is produced in the mother’s womb and this is NOT the choice of the mother’s. I feel that the child inside the mother’s womb do not have a choice whether to be born. It is the mother who has the child in her womb who has the decision whether to have the child or not. If you were to say that there is a living, breathing human being who deserves human rights, you are wrong. Human rights consist of people making choices for what they want or deserve. If the child in the mother’s womb cannot even talk or think, do you think it can make a choice whether to live this life or not? Think about it.

    I would disagree on not legalizing abortion. Even Human Rights Watch believes that decisions about abortion belong to a pregnant woman without interference by the state or other people. Though Human Rights Watch reports that an estimated 40% of all pregnancies in Argentina and in abortion and clandestine abortion has been the leading cause of death among pregnant women for more than 20 years, the mother has the right to make the decision of whether she were to take the risk while aborting the child or not because the child could not even make decisions. If the child could not even make decisions, why talk about human rights here? The mother is the only one who could make the decision in such a circumstance and it is only the mother who can make the decision whether she wants to risk her life when aborting the child.

    Enforcing an abortion ban would require a quite degrading and inhumane treatment of those women who wished to have their foetus terminated. Is terminating a foetus, which can neither feel nor think and is not conscious of its own existence, commensurable with killing of a ‘human being’? If a woman is being raped and abortion is not legalized, she would suffer the additional torment of being pregnant with the product of that ordeal as forcing a woman to produce a living, constant reminder of that act is unfair on both the mother and the child. If you were to think of it from a father’s perspective, then I would just comment that the women may ordinarily have a reasonable right to control her own body and this does not confer on her the entirely separate (and insupportable) right to decide whether another human dies or lives. Thus, I feel that this motion must fall. Thank you.

    Good websites on Abortion and Human Rights:

  2. HELLO MRS. V!

    abortion is definitely a no for me.
    my bio teacher had once showed me the video of results of ‘aborted’ foetus.
    kind of disgusting and sad.

    i believe the foetus has human rights to continue to live on.
    it’s just the same as killing someone.
    that’s selfish.
    because the foetus can’t say no and run away to prevent itself from being ‘killed’.

    if abortion was legalised.
    women will have this mentality that unsafe sex is ok as abortion is legal.
    this wld definitely have a huge impact on the society.
    soon, there may be aids and so on and so forth.

    isn’t it better if we keep abortion as illegal?
    i think so.

  3. Edwin! You should haf helped us uploaded ur script too… no fair >.< It was really exciting and challenging debating against a strong group and especially against my dearest friend… I was quite frustrated for leaving out on points on religion and pro-life, and that abortion is killing a life, Argh! Anyways, it was great fun and i hope for a next time. ^.^

  4. I can see Carina’s point- if Edwin had uploaded the speech before the debate, then the other team would have had a much easier time! 😉

    This topic is one that really gets people very emotional. Rachel- your response is spot-on, while Edwin- your points are very rational and relevant.

    As I see it, the difference of opinion arises out of two seperate approaches to the issue- one from the point of view of the child and the other from the point of view of the woman/mother (even the choice of word here is very difficult- if you are anti-abortion you would choose the word ‘mother’ to emphasize the fact that the woman has a responsibility towards her child; if you are pro-abortion, then you would use the word ‘woman’ because it is neutral, with no indication that the woman has to consider anyone apart from herself.)

    There is probably no way to resolve the issue. There are too many levels at which it is significant. As a society, we have to decide our moral standpoint. Governments have to decide on a policy one way or the other. Racial and religious communities struggle to find ways to reconcile their rules and traditions with changing times. Individuals face many challenges that they have to cope with while trying to balance society’s needs, national laws and religious convictions with personal beliefs and actual situations.

  5. Um…guys…(those against) the fact that the baby cannot make a choice for itself makes it an even stronger reason not to kill it. What has the baby ever done to anyone? It knows ABSOLUTELY nothing about waht is going on around it; it doesnt know the differnce between blue or black, it doesnt know that things like trees and cats and dogs exist, it doesnt know that we eat and drink to survive. So innocent and young and helpless…

    It feels its limbs being torn apart…it feels that pain….that is not some creature inside the womb…people, that is a live and breathing HUMAN BEING! Regardless of what “scientists” say…(who have never been fully able to understand life and creation anyway).
    I think we need to stop thinking in terms of; “oh,this child is a burden and if i have this baby, my life is over”…its not! ALLLL children are blessings-interpret that in whatever way you want.
    If u don’t want the child, there is always an alternative. If you’re worried that people will know you had immoral sex…honestly that’s ur own fault, but you shouldnt care wat other people think.

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