3E1 Debate 3: Keeping fit and healthy is more important than getting good grades


Pre-debate vote: For- 14; Against- 5; Undecided- 12

Post-debate vote: For- 6; Against- 13; Undecided- 11

Proposition: If one is not fit, one cannot concentrate on one’s studies, and may fall sick easily. Main aim in life is to live comfortably. There are many benefits to being fit and healthy.

Opposition: main goal at this stage of life is to get good grades. Better medication can prevent frequent illness (!). Grades are very important to students- more so than fitness. Advances in technology and better diet means that there is no need to place so much focus on health- better to focus on grades at this critical point in life.

I wonder if anyone out there can supplement these points with more points, as well as with some examples… keeping-fit.jpg


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