3E1 Debate 2: Public schooling is more effective than home schooling


Pre-debate vote: For- 18; Against- 5; Undecided- 12

Post-debate vote: For- 18; Against- 9; Undecided- 7 (one chose to abstain? for shame!)

This is a pet topic of mine, so I was eagerly waiting to hear the arguments in favour of and against home schooling

Proposition: Public schools have a long history and a conducive environment for learning to take place. Students can count on each other and their teachers when they face any difficulty, and teachers can share their experiences with their students. Also, it is difficult for parents when they have to homeschool their children, and there is no standardization.

Opposition: Home schooling also has a long history, and provides educational freedom because the syllabus can be tailored to the individual needs of the students, and students can choose the subjects they like instead of being forced into sets of choices. Lastly, self-esteem tends to be higher with home schooling.

I’d like to know what you think, please- and if you can furnish any real life examples that would be super 😉homeschool.jpg


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