3E5 Debate 1: To progress, environmental issues must give way to modernization


Pre-debate vote: For- 4; Against- 21; Undecided- 9

Post-debate vote: For- 12; Against- 18; Undecided- 4

Going by the votes, the Proposition carried the day, because they ended up gaining votes, whereas the Opposition actually lost votes.

Proposition: importance of modernization, and the possibility of using modern technology to care for the environment. 

Opposition: because the environment provides all the resources for modernization, that makes environmental issues most important, and therefore there is no way that modernization can take precedence.

What do you guys think?modernization.jpg


2 thoughts on “3E5 Debate 1: To progress, environmental issues must give way to modernization

  1. I totally disagree?
    In my opinion,
    the environment matters more than the development of a country.

    Mother Earth supports life,
    and tat’s why we can have today.
    Shouldn’t we be grateful?
    Trees provide oxygen,
    the seas provide water for our survival,
    what else could we ask for??

    to sacrifice the environment for human needs.
    nah i don’t think so.
    w/o the environment’s help,
    we wouldn’t have the development of today.

    thus, the environment SHOULD NOT be destroyed just to satisfy our needs. 🙂

  2. Very well said, Rachel. But what if it come to a choice between preserving the environment and being able to progress? Sometimes the choice is not so easy because a country may have a certain backward group of people, and the only cost-effective way to allow these people to join modern civilization and enjoy its benefits may be to engage in some environmentally harmful practices.

    One example is what happend in Malaysia some time back- the then PM Mahatir was annoyed with the West because they criticized him for clearing forests. He argued that it was all very well for them to talk- they were already world leaders in modernization, and had reached that stage because they had engaged in environmentally destructive practices in the name of progress. Thus, he said, they had no right to stop his country from progressing.

    You can try reading up about this issue- it was pretty long ago, but the issue is as relevant as ever, I think.

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