3E3 Debate 2: Celebrities’ lifestyles should be exposed to public view


Pre-debate vote: For- 7; Against- 14; Undecided- 9

Post-debate vote: For- 7; Against- 14; Undecided- 9

The results of the votes are very interesting. The fact that they remain unchanged could be due to any of a number of reasons:

(a) People hold very firm opinions on this topic

(b) Peple don’t care about the topic at all

(c) No one was following the debate (couldn’t hear/ didn’t want to listen)

I think the first option is the most likely, because everyone did seem to know a lot about the examples brought up (Britney, Edison…), and from where I was sitting it was pretty clear that the whole class was paying close attention to the debate.

Proposition: the choice of becoming a celebrity comes with the acceptance of exposure, and many celebrities depend on the exposure to maintain their status, with some even going so far as to fabricate scandals about their lives so that they invite the attention of the paparazzi.

Opposition: celebrities are people too, who deserve the chance to change for the better if they make a mistake. There should be some mystery surrounding them, and the attention should be on the talents that made them celebrities in the first place.

So what do you think? Which side are you on? Maybe that depends on whether you like reading about your favourite stars’ lifestyles!britney2.jpg

2 thoughts on “3E3 Debate 2: Celebrities’ lifestyles should be exposed to public view

  1. haha.
    that was my group.
    so can i make a comment?

    in my opinion,
    i feel that celebrities lifestyles should not be exposed at all.
    Take Britney Spears for example.
    Yes, she is indeed Mrs infamous celebrity for shameless acts such as stripping on the streets.
    However, as you can see, she is suffering under mental breakdown.

    After breaking up with Justin Timberlake,
    Britney was desperate to look for a guy,
    as you can see,
    she is a pop starlet when she was 17.
    so, somewhat,
    young celebrities tend to be in the spotlight too often,
    and need love.

    so she sort of married a loser. ._.
    and had 2 kids.
    And there was the usual celebrity twisted fairytale of
    dating, kids, divorce.
    Now, the paparazzi are hampering her like dogs.
    They intrude her house, her current love life and practically everything.

    She can’t shrug them off,
    she even asked a paparazzi to get into her car.
    Britney even cried in front of them.
    Now, that isn’t normal.

    Why can’t the paparazzi leave her alone?
    She is a human, just like us.
    When normal people divorce,
    they need a period of time to get over the pain.
    what about her?
    She has to face the press.

    It’s no wonder she’s losing control of herself.

    Princess Diana (like you mentioned) experienced the same situation.
    Compared to britney, she didn’t do any shameless acts.
    In fact, she contributed a lot to the environment.
    But why was she wanteed?
    bcos she was the nation’s princess. =.=

    too conclude,
    paparazzi are going over the board.
    leading someone to depression,
    anxiety of the public.

    Is this fair to public figures,
    or should i say,

  2. I do agree with you to some extent. Of course they are human, and inclined- like all humans- to make mistakes. But don’t you think that they chose the lifestyle, and should be aware of what it entails?

    It is no secret that I love Hindi movies, so I am going to quote an example from that sphere- there is an actor named Shah Rukh Khan. He has a huge fan following all over the world, and has acted in many movies. His fans devour all information they can get their hands on about him. But he keeps his life very clean. He is faithful to his wife, and a very religious person. He has his faults, like anyone else, but does not look for trouble and then blame the press when it reports the trouble. He has also said in interviews that he does not believe in hiding from the public, because he worked really hard to get his face recognized- why would he want to hide it now that he has the recognition he always wanted? Also his fans are the ones who make him famous, so he does not want to avoid them, or see them and their attention as a burden.

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