3E3 Debate 1: Computers are more of a menace than a blessing


Pre-debate votes: For- 2; Against- 28; Undecided- 1

Post-debate votes: For- 23; Against- 7; Undecided- 2 (someone must have raised a hand twice!)

Proposition: computers are a distraction, and people are overdependent on them. 

Opposition: the internet is very useful, and the computer could prove handy in cases of disease outbreaks.

Those who were involved in this debate, please tell us some of the other points you brought up.

Those who were witnesses to the debate, jump in with whatever you remember, and your opinions.

Those who did not see this debate, let us know what you think about the topic.computer-frustrated.jpg


7 thoughts on “3E3 Debate 1: Computers are more of a menace than a blessing

  1. REBUTTAL to propsosition member 2’s points:
    1. the skill of searching things ourselves online is not used – the web is wide and information will also have to be sifted out when searched on the net. moreover, it is faster to do research online

    2. temptation to do other things that is not supposed to be done online – would not happen if there is self control. also, parents should be around, guiding their children

    3. no emotional support provided online – family memebrs should be around to support their children

    OPPOSITION’s 2nd point:
    The computer is able to provide us entertainment (2nd point), when we also use it for educational purposes (1st point).

    1. Games
    computer games are a form of entertainment as well as education
    educational games allow children to learn in the midst of fun, enabling the children to absorb facts more efficiently than in the form of books
    allow us to de-stress
    multi-player games which allow us to play with our friends online

    2. Online Shopping
    get all the things we need without going out
    quick, easy and saves time
    buyers will just need to check in online to purchase the items which they want and purchases would be delivered to the buyers’ doorsteps

    3. MSN Chatting and email
    allows us to chat with our friends and relatives as well as send files or photos online
    quicker and instant than snail mail
    the luxury of emailing messages as opposed to charging up the phone bill is more appealing

    4. Checking news, weather, and sports via the Internet

    5. Online banking
    people can make personal transactions online
    saves the hassle of queuing up at a bank

    6. Blogs
    journals of the bloggers’ life can be read with a click of the mouse allows others to know more about the blogger
    personal as well as political issues can also be conveyed to the world
    blogs can be a form of communication between people [eg. teachers can tell students to visit a blog which is meant for class use, where daily worksheets as well as notes are uploaded to the blog, making it easier for students who are sick to catch up on lessons – like this blog! (: ]

    7. music and videos available online
    music playlists and videos that people download onto the Net and which users might want to enjoy
    Eg. Youtube and Imeem
    can de-stress
    there is no need for us to buy music albums if we just want to get a preview of the music.

  2. i would have to disagree that computers are more of a menace than a blessing.

    without computers, how are we, students, gonna search for large chunks of information from the internet for our school projects? are we gonna search the library using the library search engine for the books we want for our projects? what if the book is on loan or missing?

    consider that.

    then, should computers be a blessing as it assists in our school project or is it more of harming us in a certain way? ^^

    -edwin lim 3e3’08

  3. computer is more of a blessing then a menace!!! think about it, except for those who are poor, almost everybody uses computer. For adults, they use it for work, like working at home. For students, they uses it for reseach on project or stuff. Also, for parents whose childrens are studyin overseas, the computer and internet is the only way for them to communicate with their children without spending too much money.
    With the invention of webcam, they can also see each other through internet. However, for that to happen, the most basic thing they must have is…..COMPUTER!!!

    thats why computer is more of a blessing than a menace……

  4. All EXCELLENT points!

    I notice that many people feel that because we use the computer for so many things it is a blessing. But there are times when I feel that because I HAVE to use the computer for so many things, it is a menace. I am controlled by the computer. Because it can do so much, I am forced to use it for almost everything. If it did not exist, maybe the stress placed on me to produce so many documents on a daily basis would decrease.

  5. welll…………………internet ofcourse is a boon!!Name it and internet’s got somethin or the other ter do wid it…
    1)wether it’s online shoppng/banking…
    2)reading reviews of books and movies…
    3)Resreving train tickets{back in india}…
    4)online tutionz/researching on studies related topics…
    6)join in wid some social networking website n connect wid old friends or make new ones…!!
    7)Checking the salary credited details…
    8)checking newz,weather,sports related stuffs, etc…
    9)Host ur own websites…
    10)has made COMMUNICATION easier!!!!!!!!!!duuhhh!!!
    fineee….i’ve already 10 within 10 min….if actually given time…i might as wll come up wid many more points….

    But yes…i will also not deny the fact that internet being a boon…can be a disasterous bane if misused…!!for examples…
    1)Misuse of pornography.
    2)Hacking accounts
    3)llegal s/w downloads
    4)Copyright violations
    5)Internet/computers are a distraction, and people are overdependent on them.
    6)The skill of searching things ourselves online is not used.
    7)People are totally controlled by the internet via computers.
    8)Children are spoilt with excessive use of internet….

    nywaayyyzzzz….wid this analysis i’ve come up wid the conclusion that every new technology brings with it its own advantages and disadvantages!One who understands the purpose of it, for which it is made,then its a boon,otherwise a bane!!!

    Aarzoo Salim
    student from high school(secong year)

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