An Inconvenient Truth Part II

This is a follow up to the previous post on Al Gore’s documentary film. None of you got to see the entire film, but 3E5 did get pretty close to the ending. At least, they got to see some of the solutions proposed. I can’t upload the whole film here (I think that would be illegal!) and I can’t even upload a clip from the end of it (because I have no idea how), but I think that what I have done is the next best thing. Some people have gone to great lengths to transcribe the film- this refers to the process of writing out the script as you listen to it. Here is one blogger’s version of the transcript. If you visit the site, you will see comments from some people about how they disagree with parts of the transcript, or support Al Gore’s point of view. From a brief viewing of the blog, I don’t think there is any objectionable material on it. But you know you should always be careful when you are online, and when you visit any new sites. Protect yourself from information that may be damaging to you in any way. And remember that what you read in the file I have uploaded is enough. I merely mention the site to give credit to the writer, and to show you that there is a context in which this writing appears.


But that’s not all there is to it. I was doing some searching online (my favourite thing to do), and I came across a clip on Youtube that showed another side of the story. Here is the link:


and it carries with it the usual disclaimer- that I have viewed it and found it suitable for you, but I do not endorse any other video on the site. You MUST be responsible, careful and sensible whenever you go online.

Anyway, the point of the video is that there is a completely different point of view to the one put forward by Gore. It does not carry as much weight perhaps, in terms of the way it is packaged, but there are real scientists (I assume!) giving different figures. I am now officially confused, and have no idea what to think. But at the end of the day,  it can’t hurt to save some of our resources and be better guests on the earth. After viewing the clip, please share your comments here.


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