Will we survive the 21st century?

If you think this post is about answering the question in title, think again! It’s too tiring to think about. The title is that of the comprehension the Sec 3 classes have been working on this week, and I told everyone I would put the answers up here. The answers are taken directly from the book “Score in Comprehension” by Graham Spencer. Mr Spencer is an invisible and unavoidable presence in our classroom, and we will accord him his due respect! I have your answer pages with me because I think it will be more interesting to discover the answers bit by bit as we go along. To give Mr Spencer credit, the passage was very thought-provoking. For those of you who did not manage to pick out the main drift of the essay, there are 3 parts to it (of course! Magic number three!) : the damage done by humans to the environment, the presence of solutions to the problem, and the need to come together as a species to ensure our survival. If anyone would like to modify this or disagree completely, just write in with your comments.

Here, then, are the answers…


2 thoughts on “Will we survive the 21st century?

  1. Hi Junli, I know the passage it difficult. But if you have any specific questions about it, or just feel like discussing it in general over and above what we have done in class, just e-mail me, or make an appointment to see me after school one day. I will be very happy to take the time to explain it to you in more detail.

    And by the way, Mrs V loves 3E3 too! 🙂

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