Poem of the week

Found this online, really liked it, thought I’d share it with you:

 sad-dog.jpg                               umbrella.jpg

The rain it raineth on the just
And also on the unjust fella,
But chiefly on the just, because
The unjust steals the just’s umbrella.

Charles Bowen

Do you agree with this? Any real life experiences come to mind?


6 thoughts on “Poem of the week

  1. hey mrs v, it’s been long since i’ve last left a comment on your blog. as you know, o lvl results came out yesterday. to my horror, i actually managed an A1 for english. i was stunned. however, in exchange for the A1 i got a 3 for both physics and chem =.=

    i know i know, a 3 isn’t all that bad…but being a science student and not getting distinctions for science is really a pretty embarrassing thing.

    away with all depressing news. i managed to get 12 pts for my L1R5, which allows me entrance to SAJC. =)) for that i’m grateful. these two days may seem short, but i have learnt that success is relative and it doesn’t really matter how well or how badly you do as long as you’re happy and you know that you’ve tried your best.

    so here’s a declaration. i’m not a genius, and i’m damn proud of it. i may not have been a top student, but hell, life goes on…and we learn to live and let live….

  2. Hey nosy-girl! I’ve been wondering how you were. You’re absolutely right- life goes on. And goes on pretty darned well, too! SAJC is known to be a cool JC, so I’m sure you will fit right in. The best part is you get to go through orientation all over again.

    I’m so glad that you are content, knowing that you have done your best. Usually the person hardest on you is you yourself. Once you have learned to give yourself that well-earned pat on the back, you are ready to move on to better things.

    I’d better stop before I spout anymore cliched phrases. Just know that I am very proud of you, and that I hope you are never so busy that you can’t check in here once in a while.

  3. Just back to haunt this blog. Now for me to go straight to the topic.

    This kinds of things happen very frequently in the society. While you are reading this, a number of people out there are getting stabbed in the back (just guessing, but you never know…). It is an irony why we are exposed to TV programmes like Power Rangers (imagine the Megazord turning around and the enemy exploding to pieces behind) and others that have a theme like ‘Justice Will Prevail Without Fail’ (quoted from Praying Mantis Joe from Zatchbell).

    In this society its not really your choice. If you decide to be good, someone who comes along may just take advantage of you and if you aren’t good, then you just have to wait for your retribution. Either way, something bad will happen. So why not be good? (I think i kinda left the main point but what the heck)

  4. Glad you’re having fun with the smileys, Arjun. Please tell me how you did them. The poem is really funny. And the campy rhyme scheme just adds to the charm.

    Kok How, glad you stopped by for a brief haunting. I am not familiar with the Zatchbell reference but I recognize the Power Rangers one. I think you are spot on about the lack of choice. We can’t control other people. Do you think that this is one of the reasons why people turn to religion?

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