Be extraordinary

Some of this is going to sound familiar to you- especially if you are from 3E5.


Very few of us are ever going fail anything very badly, unless we really want to. Our greatest fear is not that we will fail. Our greatest fear is that we will be invisible in our mediocrity. Our greatest fear is that we will not be extraordinary. But what does it mean to be extraordinary? It does not mean that you have to come first in class, nor does it mean that you have to have your picture in the newspaper (the obituaries and crime sections do not count). Being extraordinary simply means that you are everything you can be. That you have taken all your talents and all your opportunities and made full use of them. But how do you do this?

Being extraordinary starts with little steps- being punctual, respectful, alert, hardworking, sincere, honest. All these qualities and more that are so small when viewed singly, but so magnificent when they come together in a symphony of success. Don’t settle for the mundane when brilliance is your birthright. The difference between the ordinary folk of this world and the ones we look up to is simply that the latter have recognised their greatness and used their life tools to achieve it. The former leave their tools to rust while they wallow in the tide pools of mediocrity.

inspiration2.jpg         Be extraordinary. To be anything less is unthinkable.


6 thoughts on “Be extraordinary

  1. I totally respect those people who dare to be extraordinary, in good ways. I say dare because a lot of us are just too scared of coming out of mediocrity, scared of being laughed at or being too determined or being too honest or stepping out of that pretty little zone of comfort and complacency where everything is familiar and safe, scared of being the best person(s?) they can be.

    I kind of hope grow into that sort of person!

    Yay. I haven’t visited this blog for days and suddenly there’s a slew of new entries 🙂

  2. First of all, I need to how you inserted that smiley. I find it frustrating that everyone who writes in can do it and I have no idea how.

    I just want to add here that the definition of being extraordinary is what each of us has to decide individually. So what is extraordiary for one person may be just mediocre for another. I feel that I am extraordinary because I have children whom I love and who love me in return. And because I have a job that I enjoy and I am good at. And because there are so many people whose lives I have influenced for the better. And because my intellectual curiosity is growing day by day. And because there is still so much that I have yet to explore, and can’t wait to explore it all.

    But I have never climbed a mountain or won a scholarship or run for President. Probably never will. That is not my extraordinary. It is someone else’s.

    I’m so glad you’re back too. You’ve got to forgive my little dry spells here and there. They coincide with marking, children’s illnesses, assignment submissions etc.

  3. It’s very inspiring to be extraordinary and teach others to be the same as well! I, for a very long time, aspire to be a teacher, and a respected teacher at that! Would’nt it be good if there are extraordinary teachers around to inspire other kids and change their lives forever, in a positive way?

  4. Yes it would be good if there were teachers like that. I was kind of hoping that I was one of them! 😛 Being a teacher is a wonderful goal to have. Work towards it, and there will be a very lucky generation of kids in the future!

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