The Lorax- an allegory for sustainable development




Click on the links above to download the text of Dr Seuss’ “The Lorax” and the worksheet related to it if you need either of them. There is also a text that explains the basis of the activity, and while I did not print it out for you, I believe that it will be useful for you to read it. In a nutshell, sustainable development is the concept of developing the economy in such a manner that you can keep it up without eventually running out of the resources that fuel your development. We discussed the concept of an allegory in the class- a story that correlates to real life. So we have the Lorax, who is the quintessential entrepreneur. He arrives, sees the potential in the Truffula Trees, and sets up a manufacturing plant. But the resource he bases his industry on is renewable only in the long term. In other words, he is using it up faster than it can replace itself. Eventually he has to close shop. In the process, he has destroyed the natural habitat of numerous species.

Doesn’t this sound exactly like the state much of the world is in today? We will go through the answers to the worksheet in class next week. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.


6 thoughts on “The Lorax- an allegory for sustainable development

  1. Hello Mrs V!

    Its me, Zhang Yang from 3e5 2008. Maybe you have seen me before… Remember, I am the one who could not differentiate between exposition and argumentative? Haha! But after some tough revision i think i finally understand the meaning of these two. Anyway lets get straight to the point. I had read your essay on Sustainable Development and i feel that it is very logical in the sense that we must really meet our needs by making sure that the environment is protected. These years, sustainable logging is also introduced as well, and it means the logging of trees which are useful to you while you leave the rest of the trees untouched. This law being implemented is quite serving its purpose but however, some illegal loggers still get away unapprehended 😦 Environment have become a more and more imperative issue today. Global warming is a threat to both humans and the environment and if we don’t do anything to curb the actions of destroying the environment, i think none of us will benefit in the near future. The unconsiderable actions of humans(illegal ones) are causing a dearth of the natural resources and if this continues to go on, we can already extrapolate a unprecedented disaster might struck upon all human beings. So i really think that caring for the environment is what all of us should do. Also can i also define sustainable development as the using of resources to meet our current needs without having to compromise the future generation to suffer? That’s all i got to comment. Thanks for the blog and have a nice day! =D

  2. Hey Zhang Yang! Yes I do remember you, because I liked the way you did not stop asking questions till you were very sure that your doubts had been clarified. One thing good I noticed about your class is that no one got annoyed when you asked questions. I have seen in other classes how people make fun of those who like to ask questions. Here I think your classmates actually appreciated the fact that you were enquiring about stuff that they were unclear about as well.

    Thank you for your comments on sustainable development. I especially appreciate your definition of sustainable development towards the end of your comment. I agree with you completely.

    The light at the end of the tunnel is that many countries are recognizing the urgency of the situation. I am not sure if we can really solve the problem but I think for now if we can manage to slow the rate of environmental degradation then we can at least postpone the catastrophe that I feel sure awaits us sometime in the murky future. I know this sounds very pessimistic on the whole, but I can’t help it. The more I read the more afraid I become. WAAH!!!!

  3. thanks for the great worksheet- i plan to use it with my class. this is one of my favorite seuss stories. just a note, the lorax is not the entrepreneur, the onceler is. the lorax “speaks for the trees”.

  4. I’m 10 and the story “The lorax” is a very entrusting book I ever had read.My class is doing play about the lorax going to qort and i’m the defents. So far the once-ler is not gillty

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