Welcome to 2008!


With all the excitement of New Year’s Eve, I completely forgot about school. Today I faced 3 different classes and felt like walking out again, because I was SO not ready to leave the holidays behind. Luckily all the students I met today were very friendly and cheerful, and soon I felt right at home. I did notice, though, that some of you were a little anxious about being in Sec 3.

scared.jpgI know that you have a lot of stuff to deal with- new teachers, new classmates, new subjects, and a whole lot of new expectations. That can be pretty scary. But give yourselves time to adapt. Before you know it, you will be handling everything with an ease that will amaze you. Ask your seniors- early last year they would never have guessed that they would feel as grown-up as they do now. Sure, they are psyched about their ‘O’ Levels, but apart from that they are so mature and confident. I am so proud of them.

A word of advice: communicate with your teachers. Too often students signal their feelings in indirect ways. If there is something you do not understand or you find boring, let the teacher know (politely!), and if s/he can’t help the fact that that particular lesson is boring for you, at least you might get an explanation as to why this is the case. Don’t just tune out and disengage from the lesson (ie, don’t start chatting with your friend, ignoring the teacher, disappearing to the toilet for ages etc).

If you have any comments or suggestions, this is the time for you to put them down in writing. You may not agree with the answer you get, but at least you will get an answer!

homework.jpgBy the way, for those of you who may not have been paying attention today (can’t imagine why), this is your homework: 100 words on who you are, 100 words on what you are good at, and 100 words on what you would like to get out of your English lessons.

Let 2008 be the year when EVERYONE hands in their work on time!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to 2008!

  1. woah! 300 words already! and it has only been the first three days of school. seems like the sec 3’s this year will be in for a lot of fun!! lolz.

    btw, ‘psyched’ is probably not the best word to describe the feeling i got when i was in sec four and i started realizing that c5s weren’t going to allow me entrance into a JC. it was feeling in between panic and hysteria.

  2. Hey I have a quota to fill for assignments okay? I figured the sooner I started the better!

    Um- any panic and hysteria now? Hope JC is treating you well.

  3. jc is somewhere i think all students should have a chance to go to. more so now that i’ve expereinced jc life for myself. it was great. the different people you meet. the lectures and tutorials, house meetings and the wide variety of ccas. all of the above sound so mouth watering as it is.

    school work may be tough, but the fun and memories that come along with it makes studying all the more worth it.

    jc life rocks =)

  4. I am so glad you are enjoying it. It is a whole different world, isn’t it? The freedom that at first feels a little scary, after a while becomes a habit that you can’t break. It’s great preparation for university life.

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