From Chennai to Bangalore and back again


I spent the last few days in Bangalore, a very pretty city in India. For those of you who don’t know, India is divided into 28 states, and each state has its own capital city. While Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka. It helps if you look at the map above. My roots are in Andhra Pradesh, the capital of which is Hyderabad.

It is deliciously cold and flowers bloom everywhere in Bangalore. The houses are beautifully built, and apart from the ubiquitous traffic jams, it looks like a great place to live. My husband’s sister lives in Bangalore, and she has 3 golden retrievers- Sandy, Zack and Bruno. I am not an animal lover, but even I have to admit these are gorgeous creatures. My children look forward to going to Bangalore every year to play with the dogs. I admire them (my children and the dogs) from a distance. Luckily the dogs are pretty smart, and they have realised that while I don’t mind petting them occasionally I do not like being licked or jumped on. Being big dogs, when they stand up, they can put their paws on my shoulders. It freaks me out when they do that, and to their credit, they did not try it more than a couple of times.

india1st2007-016.jpg My sister-in-law’s garden. It takes a lot of work to maintain it, but I would say it is well worth the effort.

 india1st2007-058.jpg I can never imagine myself kissing a dog but Rishi seems to have no qualms at all kissing Zack.

 india1st2007-043.jpg And now Arjun is face-to-face with Bruno. How does he do it?

 india1st2007-030.jpg This is Mrs V senior, grandmother to my kids!

 On Saturday I travelled to Puttaparthi, a small village about 4 hours’ drive from Bangalore, to visit my grandfather. He will be 100 years old on the 27th of this month. As is typical of old people, he had amazing long term memory, but has had some short term memory loss. It was wonderful listening to the experiences he had to share with us, and he was so calm and peaceful that he made us feel calm as well. I think the key to his contented state is his detachment from worldly affairs: he was affectionate towards me, but did not ask me to stay back when I indicated that I needed to leave. He speaks of family members but makes no judgements about their actions. Perhaps when you have lived for 100 years, you have pretty much seen all there is to see of human behaviour, and you neither anticipate nor are you disappointed. I do not wish to live as long as he has, but I hope that when my time time comes, I am as serenely ready as he is to meet my maker.

india1st2007-038.jpg Here I am with my grandfather

We went to Bangalore by train, but flew back to Chennai. I have to say that the train journey was more comfortable than the one on the plane. More leg room, more time to relax, less waiting around, less time spent standing in queues. Although the flight took only 25 minutes, if you add up all the time spent in the airport before and after the flight, it comes to almost 4 hours, which is how long the train journey was.


2 thoughts on “From Chennai to Bangalore and back again

  1. Mrs V,

    I trust you are back from your hometown and had a wonderful time there.

    I take this chance to wish a very Happy New Year to you and your family. All the best!

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