Christmas lights and comfy shoes


I went to Orchard Road with my family on Sunday evening to see the Christmas light-up, and glad I was that I had chosen to forsake elegance for comfort. We parked at Raffles City, took the train to Orchard MRT station and walked all the way back to Chijmes. Okay I know you guys are great walkers and are looking down your noses at me for making a big deal of the stretch that I walked that day, but in my defence, it WAS a big deal for me! Anyway my heels would have looked better with the dress I wore but my sandals turned out to be a wise choice. We walked slowly, taking in all the beautiful Christmas trees and strings of dazzling lights. The sweat put a slight damper on the experience but you know you can’t get away from that in Singapore. At the first few Christmas trees we stopped, took photographs, laughed and chatted. But after a while the focus moved to getting where we needed to go- DINNER!

At this point I have a confession to make. I cheated. I carried high heeled slippers with me and changed into them when we got to the restaurant. Hey- you can take the woman out of her elegant setting, but you can’t take the elegance out of the woman! Here are some photos from that day.

This is me with Arjun and Rishi. What I love about holidays is how much time I get to spend with the kids. After being at home with them for 10 years before venturing back to work again, I find that they are my favourite people to be with. Sometimes I feel bad when I have to stay back in school knowing they are at home, or when they have a holiday on a particular day and I do not. At those times I wish I had never gone back to work. At the same time, though, I realise that some space is probably a good thing- if not for me then definitely for them. It gives them a chance to make their own mistakes and to learn from them. And it teaches me to develop other areas of my life so that I remember some of the things I used to be good at before my kids came along!


This is the whole family. Mr V is a very important person, because he guides us and watches over us. The whole walk was his idea, and while we cursed him under our breaths (just loud enough for him to hear!) as we sweated our way down Orchard Road, we also gave him credit for the fun we had at the end of the day.


The tree at Ngee Ann City- always my favourite. Big and beautiful- just like me. I pointed out to my children how evenly the decorations were spaced out, and how they followed a particular colour scheme. I ventured to suggest that our tree could look the same at home…


 “That’s stupid!” exclaimed Arjun, who went on to explain to me that while trees on commercial premises had to be all symmetrical and colour coordinated, trees at home were meant to be piled with all kinds of riotously colourful decorations, placed lovingly and enthusiastically by all the important members of the household (the children). What could I say? He was absolutely right. Here is our tree. As enthusiastically as we celebrate Deepavali, we also love the trimmings of Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Christmas lights and comfy shoes

  1. Haha. I seriously think you should go save all these blog posts and let your kids read them when they’re matured enough. Very nice memories haha.

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