Shopping, meeting up with friends- tales from a lady who lunches

shopping2.jpgI had a marvellous time today. Suddenly I found myself completely free. It is not that I had nothing to do, but that I just did not feel like doing what I was supposed to do. Such a liberating experience. My kids were both away the whole day- Arjun was at a Visual Basic course and Rishi was at a robotics competition. So there I was with all this free time. Marks and Spencer’s beckoned, and I heeded the call. I haven’t gone shopping in ages, and my impulse was rewarded with a super sale- I got stuff at half price, I swear! Sure, I know there are sales in other places, but I only shop at M&S because only they have clothes in my size. Everywhere else, all I see are these postage stamp-sized clothes that you guys wear. If I bought those I’d get arrested for indecent exposure!

shopping1.jpgChoosing what to wear was really important. When you go clothes shopping you have to wear clothes that you can get out of and into quickly without messing your hairdo when you are trying on outfits. Oh come on! You all know what I’m talking about. Otherwise the whole process takes twice the time.

lunch1.jpgSo I got togged up and cabbed it to Wheelock Place. (Cab driver was smoking just before I got in- STINK CITY! Why do people smoke? It is such a disgusting habit.) The place was so quiet because it was a weekday. Heaven! I met a friend for lunch in between shopping- she teaches pilates at a studio in Liat Towers which is just around the corner from Wheelock Place. I have known this friend since JC, and we had so much to talk about, because I had not seen her for two years before I met her today. We giggled and gabbed just like in the old days. Only this time it was about husbands and children and work, not lecture notes and cute guys.

lunch2.jpgWe had lunch at Ling Zhi- a Chinese vegetarian restaurant. Very interesting food, with a sophisticated, grown-up kind of taste. Very different from the usual starchy, gluten-laden stuff that we get (in our school canteen!).

shopping3.jpgAfter lunch it was back to shopping, and this is when I really freaked out- well, at least as much as my budget allowed me to. (See all the wonderful values you learn when you read my blog? Always shop within your budget.)

relax.jpgAhhh! This is the life!

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