Writing @ Labrador Park


Today I spent the morning at Labrador Park. It was a cluster experiential writing activity that involved selected students from schools in the cluster. I was impressed with the quality of the worksheets the teachers had prepared and with the students themselves, because they were well behaved, on-task and cheerful. The place of course is beautiful, with a captivating sea view flanked by greenery. We went into the Tunnels and heard about how the British had tried to defend Singapore. The students were supposed to stay at the park and write in the afternoon, but it rained, so we went back to Dunearn Secondary School instead to do the writing there. The only problem was that while we reached the carpark in Labrador Park at 1 pm, the bus only arrived at 1.55, so it was a very hungry bunch of teachers and students who tumbled out of the bus at Dunearn Sec. I loved the way the students worked on their writing after lunch. They arranged themselves comfortably in the library and then just got to work. At 4 pm, when we got up to leave for home, the teacher in charge commented that she was very pleased with the students’ attitude. I couldn’t have agreed more.

This experience has inspired me! Next year, my students can look forward to more out-of-class writing experiences: the canteen, the carpark, the parade square…


2 thoughts on “Writing @ Labrador Park

  1. Hi Carina, I passed your writing to Ms Rina, because she was the one in charge of this project. I am not sure if you will get it back, but you could try asking her when you see her in school! I don’t blame you for wanting to get it back- a lot of you wrote really good stuff.

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