Holiday Assignments




I gave these out last week, and so far only one Sec 2 student has contacted me for clarifications. Does this mean that everyone else is very clear about what they have to do? Or that no one else has started on the assignment? The optimistic part of me wants to believe the former, but the realistic part is pretty sure that it is the latter that is most likely. Whatever. You have the whole holidays. And you know where to find me.


6 thoughts on “Holiday Assignments

  1. Hi Jie Wei. As far as I know, you should have received your holiday homework from your other English teacher. This one here is compulsory only for the 3Es, but you are most welcome to take it up as a challenge for yourself for the holidays. If you face any problems, let me know. And do hand it in to me next term. I will be happy to discuss it with you.

  2. Hi mrs V! how are u doing?
    i am doing fine, only that i cant find any articles that hav at least 500 words on terrorism for the holiday assignment. Do u hav any suggestions to where to find these articles?

  3. Hi Wee Leong, I was counting on you to search far and wide for the articles so that I would not have to do the work myself. Perhaps you could try online newspapers like the New York Times or news websites like CNN and BBC.

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