What the World Eats


This is a powerpoint presentation that is chilling in its vivid portrayal of just how unfair the world is that we live in. How much does your family spend  a week on food? I am still in the process of working out my family’s weekly food expenditure. After viewing this slideshow, I doubt if you will ever feel comfortable wasting food again. Is there some way you can contribute to a programme that feeds hungry people? I would be very proud of you if you could take the initiative to find out about this.

5 thoughts on “What the World Eats

  1. there are lot of way to feed hungry people…one way which is working in nation as in they are donating money to one organziation,then all of the money will be used to buy food to donate to hungry people.we can do this by using hall assembly to adress about this ,encourage everyone to not waste food and if able everyone donate a bit to make fund to feed the hungry people.we can even go the extra extent as we go the poor country ,bring the food to them and give them free lesson of english,math…i would go the extra extent as it my dream to go help them.but now not possible as my parent dont allow me to do so.

  2. hi miss v.i am reply of this post of what the world eat and the sollution to feed hungry people.eventually the un has been helped the hungry people,but the help to them are not enough . not only this people has not enough food,another issue is education.some not even recieve education and born to hard labour to work farming,tough job.they dont have chance to recieve education and turn their hard life to normal life.much student in singapore take education as granted unlike people who are in poor country not even chances.we should adress this issue heavily by holding assembly talk on this issue.this assembly i think will impact people to not to waste food and we can urge everyone in school play part in donating money to help the hungry people.we can even go the extra extent by visitng africia people.we give food to them directly,other than asking people to pass the food as the food might not be deliver to the poor people direct away.we can even go there to give them lesson of education,life view and help to change their life.that my option and it one of my dream to help the poor and hungry people change their life and have the same life as us.as conclusion,let help the hungry people,and tresure whatever we have as we are quite fortunate as compared to the poor people.

  3. Jie Wei, I think your response is spot on. You have managed to cover all the important aspects, and I completely agree with you. Individually at your level, the best thing to do is to appreciate what you have, whether it is food or education or even just the sense of security we all have that our needs will always be met. When you are older and start earning, then a part of your salary can be set aside for charity. It doesn’t have to be a lot- whatever you can comfortably afford; after all, charity begins at home. And sure, for those who are able, there is nothing like giving your time and effort and actually being there on the spot to offer whatever help you can. The point is that we all should be aware of the problem, and of our need to be involved. If we are not part of the solution, then we are part of the problem.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on this, Jie Wei. I truly appreciate it!

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